9 Ways To Discover A Cheating Partner

Cheating in a relationship is never pleasant, it leaves the victim depressed, heartbroken and in most cases, the one who is cheated find themselves having low self esteem. The painful part is, it takes time to heal. When a partner cheats or is unfaithful to you, it is seen as a breach of trust and in most cases the victims finds it difficult moving on and trusting the next person. They are always on thee guard making sure their trust is not taken for granted.

I have come to realize  that most people cheat not because of sex, some cheat because they are looking for emotional connection, some cheat while trying to deal with loss or crisis but some cheat because they want to explore. One thing about a cheating partner is that they try their best to make sure every loophole is covered so that they are not caught. Here I will be sharing with you (9) Ten ways to discover a cheating partner.

#1 Search Their Belonging Careful in a Way They Won’t Suspect:

Betrayal concept. I know a lot of people will disagree with on this but if you’re full of suspicion and want your mind to be at rest, why not take a time out to go through their belongings. I know cheaters always make sure everything is in order but I can bet you there are certain things you would bump into while going through their belongings.

I once had a boyfriend whom I saw as a saint. I never had any reason to suspect him of cheating. I recalled going through his belongings (in his presence) and I saw a whole lot of condom in his bag. When I became suspicious of his movement and I keep getting calls from friends, I now use the condoms I saw in his bag as my own way of getting answers to the endless questions.  Viola, I got my answers, the condom keep reducing  “mind you” I visit once in a week or once in two weeks (so he was not using them on my ghost). Lol.

With all that in place, I knew my partner was definitely cheating on me. Like me, you can look for other items in their belonging, he/she may be hiding pictures, you may find a male/female items in their belongings but be ready to face your discovery because it is not a pleasant experience.

#2 They No longer Answer Phone Calls in Front of You:

One way or the other you must have experience this, now don’t get me wrong, your partner may choose not to pick a business call in your presence that does not mean they are cheating on you. Let me quickly chip this in; if your partner phones is constantly ringing and each time they always excuse themselves to pick the all outside, be rest assured that you have a rival out there. Have you ever noticed when you ask who the caller was or who sent them the text, its always a relative or a friend?  These are important signals to show they have something to hide.  Most times when confronted, they give excuses like “I respect you a lot that’s why I don’t want to pick the call in front of you but if truly they do, they won’t cheat on you in the first place.

#3 They Are Super Protective of Their Gadgets:

 In  the world we live in today, our cell phones have become an essential features in our lives today, some use it for essential information and some use it for their secrets. A cheating partner would hide their phones and gadget from their partner, it is said that in a relationship, when your partner has nothing to hide, they are free with their phones, but those with secret are always super protective with their phone. My ex is so protective of his phone that 24/7 his phone is on vibration, that’s even the least of the of his protective measures, the phone screen is always faced down.…lol, Now if you find yourself in this type of situation, you don’t need a seer to know that partner is a cheat.  Come to think of it,

how many of you can swap your phones with your partner for a day?

Trust they say is the foundation of all relationship, a cheating partner would be scared when their phones rings in your absence, they feel you’ve seen their message or the caller, some even go as far as interrogating you to be sure you never went through their phone. A cheat is always scared of getting caught.

#4 Pay Attention To Their Movement...

I read an article some time ago and I can still recollect a line there which says, ” when your partner visit a particular location often, (the location can be campus, a lounge etc) if they have no business going there then something must be attracting them to that location.” Watch their movement, i know they can be guileful at times, they tell you one thing and switch to another. Learn to ask intelligent questions about their outing and when they start stuttering, they are definitely hiding something.

#5 They Spend Much Time On Their Computer

Technology has made cheating so easy that people would say “After all, I’m not sleeping with the person”. Cheating on a Partner is more than just sleeping around, may I remind you that cheating does not start in a day?  its a feeling that is nurtured for sometime then eventually it comes out.  Most people spend time online chatting with opposite sex , telling them how good they look, asking for nudes etc. If your partner spend more time on social  media and its not business related then I bet he/she is definitely cheating with someone who is either a ghost for now or someone who he/she is already familiar with and they are just keeping in touch.

#6 They Don’t Call/Talk To you Often As They  Used To

Their call cease and their priority is shifted from you to the new girl/boy on the block. They’re always in a hurry to drop the call when you call or when they call, reason are, they are gradually loosing interest in the relationship. Their visiting hours change and they blame it on tight schedule. Most times their reasons for avoiding you is so they don’t get caught. They have everything figure out but thy fail to see the damage they are causing.

#7 Unpredictable Mood swing.

They always have mood swing, it is always unpredictable. They pick offense at any given time because that’s the only way to leave , they need a reason and they had to create one.

#8 Their Cell Phone Behavior

Technology is now smart, take note, if they constantly change their cell phone password, their sudden behavior when you touch their phone ( do they flare up), the kind of applications are being used on their phones, most especially a dating application. Come to think of this, why would your partner use a dating app if not for something fishy? Some would act defensively saying, they just want to make friends but 90% of people using dating app, use it to get intimate relationship. If he is always taking private calls and always tell you its from a relative, be watchful, these are sure red flag signs.

#9 They Act Differently Around You.


Let me ask this question, have you ever gone on a date with your partner and his body language keep saying “I’m alone” A cheating partner or a prospective cheating partner would never want anyone around to know he/she is with you. They try all they could to make sure the message is passed to who ever cares to see at the same time acting nice with you, one would say, how possible? But I am speaking from experience because it happened to me.. When things like that occurs do not be dismay, its just a way of letting you know you deserve better. If you love him/her like (I did back then) you may want to work it out but if not, dust your butt and walk away.

One thing with a cheat is, no matter how much you love and adore them, they still end up cheating and breaking your trust. I will advice you don’t make accusation that you can’t back up with proof, you can see from my experience, I had my suspicion and I had proofs and evidence of all.

While all this signs may not be full proof of a cheating partner, on a scale of 1-6  combination are sure signs that all is not well in your relationship, peradventure, you discovered out of the 9 ways you notice 3 in your partner, take it as a coincidence but if his doing 6 or more, you have reasons to be worried.

I would advice if you are suspicious of your partner try talking to them about it, and if you can’t, I would advice you take a walk.

WRITTEN BY: Juliana Jonathan

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