Is it advisable for parent to decide what major their children must study in school?

Choosing a career path in one choice people often take for granted . Some choose a career they have passion for (good choice) others choose a career because mum and dad wants it. There are people who follow the bandwagon, they just choose one everybody is doing with no passion for it, all for the money and just because Mr. A is good at it or because Mr. B is my friend and  he picked the line of career so I have to follow suit.

Parents/guardians can as well play a major role in helping children take career decisions. They don’t have to dictate the terms of your career journey but they can very well help you in your career research. Since they have already gone through this process as kids, they can aid you with simple steps that you can follow to embark on your career journey.

Growing up as a kid, we all have different passion. I can recollect I said I would love to be a doctor. We have those who choose pilot, engineer even architecture; at the end of the day, you discovered that 70% of kids end up doing something different from their childhood passion.

Are you aware that many/most young adults really have no clear idea of what they want to do with their life, and even those that do will find their future far different from what they intended? Most parents do know the capability of child so at that time parents can guide the child but after they grow up it depends on the child completely which course he or she is interested in….we better know our area of interest than anyone else so it’s the child’s choice. Parents play a major role in helping children take career decisions. The fate of a child almost depends in the hands of the parents. Instead of acting as influences, they should be facilitators who should act as a friend, philosopher, and guide to make this process easy for you.

We keep complaining on how messed up our educational system is, producing half-baked graduate yearly. Have you asked yourself why Nigerians are celebrated abroad when they go for studies? They always come out as the best or one of the best. The truth is this, parents contribute to the failure most student have in picking   a wrong career.

For instance;

I have a cousin, brilliant one at that, growing up, all she wanted to become was a doctor. On close observation, I discovered one important truth about her and her studies, I discovered she is not good in science subject and she also confined in me that she hate them. I teased her about her saying she wants to be a doctor and she laughed and said sis; I no longer want that.

We both went through her books and I discovered she was good in commercial subject. I can still recall her asking me which club  would be better for her and I told her to go for business club. I was able to direct her in the right path now, she is doing so well as a commercial student. In fact she have won best commercial student four consecutive time.

Parents/guardians should not only help their children choose their major but at the same time they should also guide them on the advantage and disadvantage of each field and the child must also observe all little things, but the last decision should be of the child only! As parent and guardian have roles to play in helping their children pick a major in school. It’s not all about providing their basic needs. Take time to go through their books, know their strength and weakness and help them make right choice. Do you know, some students go into the university still unsure of their academic/career focus? Often times, they try to seek guidance from outsiders but parents are those whom we can really trust.

I read a journal and one thing caught my attention. In America, students are given one year to study in the university before selecting their degree major. It is called LIBERAL ART EDUCATION. It offers broad range choices in various fields.  Students are required to take course in subject from science to humanities, Art, music, philosophy, history and literature. You will discover that, when students take classes in different discipline, they are given an opportunity to explore other fields and learn new topics.  I strongly believe  that if liberal art education is is introduced in the  Nigeria tertiary educational system, student will discover that, they have talent in areas they never considered and this in return will help them in pursuing a major they have no interest in prior to entering university.   I really wish this can be inculcated in our educational system in Nigeria

One striking thing about the liberal art education is this, it expose you to new academic subjects, ideas and cultivate lifelong skills.

Effective communication and critical thinking skills are essentials to any career and so, parent and guardians should endeavor to cultivate the habit of communicating with their wards and help them pursue/choose a career they love. The fate of a child almost depends in the hands of the parents. Parents should be like producer, editor and the direction supervisor…….but the story screenplay direction should be done by children themselves.

Written by: Julia Jonathan

Image source: stutterphoto

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