Andy Ruiz has this to say about his defeat.

Recall that Andy Ruiz was defeated in his rematch with Anthony Joshua with score 119/109, well he has blamed his defeat in their rematch on three months of partying and celebration.

In his words;

Andy Ruiz said:

“Three months of partying and celebrating affected me, what can I say? Being overweight, I wasn’t fluid enough, I wasn’t moving the way I wanted to move. I think if I’m lighter I’m going to let my hands go and be a completely different fighter”.

When asked what he would have done differently if granted a rematch against Anthony Joshua, he said;

“Listen to my coach. Listen to my dad. And take it more seriously. I’m OK, I’m just a little disappointed. I should have listened to them. I tried to do the training on my own. I should have listened to them more.
There’s no excuses…the partying and all that stuff got the best of me. For being out of shape I did pretty good, I took all his shots. I know for the third one I’m going to be a lot better.”

He also added:

“There’s a lot of responsibility being a champion of the world. I think the partying and all that stuff got the best of me. Next time it’ll be a lot better.”

Well let’s keep our fingers crossed but in the meantime, Congratulations to our heavy weight champion Anthony Joshua.

Written by: Juliana Jonathan.



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