Are You Chasing Them And Don’t Know It? (Pt 2)

Is there really time to stop pursuing the person you like?

Loving someone and chasing it is all lovely for a while, but when it goes from a dreamy reality to aching bones and swollen eyes, from love and excitement in your veins to flowing cold blue blood all throughout, then the only way you can ever be back is by letting that person go. If you are looking for a relationship, you have to learn the art of moving forward, then stepping back and requiring some action on their part.

The patient dog eats the fastest bone does not work in all cases. Knowing when to stop the chase is key in any relationship be it romantic, business or friendship. Listed below are points to know when the chasing needs to stop.

Stop chasing;  

  • When someone’s last words are: Do not call me, Do not text me, Do not irritate me.
  • When you used to talk every single day and gets a cold shoulder from them.
  • When you excuse yourself from work only to text that someone, but your text was considered as a nagging message in return.
  • When that someone have career as his highest priority.
  • when that someone makes u feel special yesterday, makes u feel so unwanted today.
  • when that someone have someone else in their life.
  • when your name is removed from bookmark list and added to blocked list.
  • when you realized the fact that Break-up in love is a chance to Wake-up in life.
  • When they do not respect you (or repeatedly disrespect you).
  • When their behavior and/or actions affect you negatively.
  • When you do not share fundamental values or agree on the direction of your relationship.
  • When they are already in a monogamous relationship or dating other people.
  • When they reject you in any capacity.
  • When they treat you like a casual option (i.e. a situationship), and you desire more than that.
  • When there are red flags and your gut is simply telling you to let it go.
  • When you know they are not interested in not just you, but everyone, ever. or in other cases, when they are already dating/together with someone.
  • When they reject you in the slightest provocation.


If they do not want you, look for someone who does, you are not going to change their mind. It almost never happens. If you persist, they may see you as a damage goods just looking for someone to lean on. Do not become a stalker, be matured enough to move on that is the best thing you can do for yourself.

One thing you must understand is that; they are not the one for you, you can be re-directing that energy in a more positive direction, find the strength by reading more about YOUR SELF-WORTH. Do not dwell on what you cannot have, you are wasting precious time, learn more about who you are and what you like. Find out more of what makes you happy; another person cannot be your happiness. Happiness can be shared with people, but it does not come from another, it is from within.

You might be chasing them today knowing the harsh truth that they will never love you back and in many cases the love you have for them fades with time.

Think of this; after 5 years, when you think about your actions today, will you be able to justify the loss you have done to yourself due to the chase? Trust me; you will eventually be left with guilt of wasting your valuable time.

The moment you realize you’ve stopped loving yourself enough. Trust me, that’s the point when realization comes in. Stop chasing love, and let love find you. Somebody else will come along to hold your hand. The right one will collide right into you and smack you hard when you least expect it. Change your mind and start spending time on yourself and on people who care about you and not on chasing others who care less.

I will encourage you not to make your love your sickness or weakness, use your love as step for success in life with happiness & feeling of pride for love. So, stop wasting time and stop wasting your life. Chase destiny, because destiny is the only forever that is meant to be.

Written by: Jonathan Juliana

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