Do you believe you can call forth your wishes? Like you telling yourself, I want a mansion in a quiet region, a convoy of security guards at my beck and call, I want to be the richest man alive and, voila! God grants your wish. Great idea, right? Have you ever thought of the consequences? I wanna be a billionaire, so f***king bad, buy all of the things i never had………. so said a song writer.

A lot of people wished to be famous, unknown to them; fame comes with a price. When you are famous, that gives everybody room to be in your business. They want to know what you eat, where you sleep, what you do when you are not working, everything including your sex life. Sometimes, what we wish for comes from the heart, but our hearts do not always guide us to what is best, and often, what the heart wish; maybe the worst thing for our long-term happiness.
When we talk about wishes, we do not mean the wishes made by a 3/4 years olds child who believes that they can control events by wishing it to be the truth and thus; believing in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy.

I saw a movie where a man wishes to be God for seven days and, God granted his wish. At first, it was fun but then it became unbearable for him and, his eyes were enlightened and, he saw the havoc his wishes would cause he would also lose his family and the love of his life. He begged God that he was no longer interested in being God again.

We often wish for something we believe is good for us, but the truth is, we never really know what is best for us. We also cannot be 100% sure of how the outcome of our wishes could affect us or others if they come true. Apparently, as humans, we are not wise enough to see the things they would affect so, we might ask for something that would eventually be bad.

Think of your wish as a nicely wrapped present, oh! the joy of just holding it and the thoughts of what is inside most especially; if it’s coming from a significant other? The parcel itself is beautiful and you are yet to see inside. Imagine you can see what’s inside the lovely, nicely wrapped present and; find unpleasant things in it will you go ahead and unwrapped it? When it comes to wishing, it is advisable to apply discretion. Especially if one is to take the lessons of those who have met with genies or jinn, unless you are very wise and smart, what you are hoping for might have unintended consequences that you do not like. We should be cautious of our thought process. If we have positive thoughts, our approach towards life would be positive!


Most of the pleasure we find in something often comes from; imagining it, working for it, anticipating it, and earning it. If all our wishes come true, we will no longer know the joy of desiring and; anticipating it. The trick is to have goals that are just a little hard to reach but not so difficult that they can not be reached. In relationships, people often wish for the hottest girl on campus, assuming you get to date that hot babe, Congrats, but along with that, she is getting hit on all the time. And she likes it. Is that really what you wanted? Are you happy?

Most wishes can make one ignore lots of red flags in relationships, such that we overlook or deny potential consequences of a decision or plain crave something so much we do not care what the consequence is. In these cases, if you were granted the desire of the heart, like a fulfilled wish, you may come to regret having asked for it.

Be careful what you wish is a phrase, talking about the irony of life. When we have negative thoughts, the spring of events in life would eventually take a negative turn. Most people who wish for wealth; go as far as engaging in some criminal activities. One funny thing about making a wish is; your sense of reasoning is shut down when you are making the wish. You do not think of the consequence such a wish will bring which in most cases are not so good as you thought them to be.

Now that you have what you wanted, you now realize that it has brought you no comfort, peace, or satisfaction at all rather it cause more suffering because of the stress of keeping your part of the deal. A lot of people complain about things they do not fully understand and, when that thing happens, they realize how bad what they initially complained about is. You will agree with me that life is full of unwanted and; unforeseen outcomes. Most of the time, once you get what you wished for, only then will you know the negative side. But we usually do not see them when making a wish.

Humans can make the best of any situation, no matter how bad it is. We are hard-wired for survival and, in every perfect situation one way or the other is bound to go wrong. It is the law of entropy. When life is moving fast, you see less, but when it slows down you see more. You may miss the speed and yet discover something new. All I’m saying is to be cautious while making decisions and asking things.

Written by: Juliana Jonathan.

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