Health they say is wealth, we only have one body and it needs to last us our whole life time. Our body has a way of telling us when it is happy or when it desperately need our attention. It gives us signs that mean it needs urgent care and funny as it seem, most times such signs are what you wouldn’t expect.

Ever wonder why people suddenly come to reality when they are diagnosed of a possible heart attack, cancer or a stroke? They suddenly wake up to the reality trying everything within their power and are motivated to change their weird lifestyle.  We fail to understand that as human, our body gives us signs/warning before it finally breakdown.

Here is an example:

Having a heart attack does not occur all of a sudden, there are signs that we totally ignore or call minor case, (oh! I always feel weak each time I work from my living room to the basement) and you are like, it happens often, maybe I’m not getting enough sleep, it will pass. Seriously!

Evolution doesn’t just shed inconvenience or useless thing.

For instance;

I am always conscious of my health, whenever I notice a little challenge I quickly go online to read more about the symptom I was having at that moment, get a little knowledge of it then consult my friends who are in medical field for more advice and then what to do next. I take health issue serious.

“I recall a friend of mine getting pissed off because I am too conscious of my health, he said you are a young lady yet you take health issue too serious even his grand ma don’t take hers’ as serious as I take mine.”

I often smile whenever he said these words because I alone know what I’ve experience health wise.

The truth is, women are more sensitive so they do not ignore the signs. Men are not as sensitive, and they ignore the signs claiming that he is manly and not being bothered by small discomforts.

Sometimes, you spend years being ill without any knowledge that you have a life threatening condition. You look fine, you look healthy physically, you go to work and you do all the normal things you do. You feel a little bit of discomfort at times, but nothing serious to give you a warning that you could drop died at any moment, even when you feel a little weak and exhausted over a little walk or lifting a small object, it never bother you, the truth is something is not right, that’s exactly what was going on and that you had no idea about.

Sometimes even doctor after examining you, will tell you all is fine only for that “thing” that was going on inside you to showed itself, then it was all hands on deck and the next thing you know it you will be given a sad news of how many months, weeks or days you have to live.

One will ask;

 Is It Possible To Be Sick And Not Realize It?


It is quite possible that you have no physical symptoms or feelings of being unwell, when there is some serious disease or pathology running underlying in your body. Many serious diseases start out felling like a mild case of the flu. You may be diabetic for years and not know it. Again only a blood test can tell. But diabetes and hypertension will knock out your kidneys even faster.

Some health challenges don’t come with symptoms this is why so many cancer patients are given an expected amount of time to live and not a treatment plan. They simply catch the disease once it has reached third or fourth stage and is not treatable, or the cancer has spread to too many organs making treatment impossible. So you can not only be sick but also be dying and not know it.

That is why it is important we all go for medical checkup, once or twice a year, just to make sure there is nothing going on, as medicine is now more advance than the days of our fathers, and with the help of the internet, we can find things much easier these days.

The first sign of bad health is the description of what discomfort you have or what disrupts your normal life or activities of daily living. Those little signs that we ignore or missed are the warning we get from our body telling us all is not well. Come to think of it, do you know your body speaks?  It whispers to you but you often ignore it. Those times you find yourself complaining of weakness, flu or panting after a short walk, remember? That’s your body whispering to you and after whispering for long without getting any useful response from you, it breaks down and you are wondering, what went wrong.

The truth is this, if you have bad health, you will have symptoms. Are you still wondering why i call them “COMMON”? Symptoms are nothing but your description of what discomfort you have. For example; a runny nose or pain in the heel or a headache or a fever or racing heartbeat.

it is amazing in today`s world how much can be told about your health from your blood. It is better to be checked than to worry.

Unhappy girl in a bedroom

A lot of us must have lost someone who we saw healthy the previous day only to be told the person passed on and we are wondering but how come, I just saw him/her yesterday evening. In African where I come from, we are quick to apportion blames to witches and village people…lol

One would ask;


Most times when your body speaks, whatever its trying to say to you often remains a mystery unless you pay close attention to it. Below are some ways your body whispers;

  • You Sleep Poorly

This is a sign you are suffering from insomnia. There is a steroid hormone called CORTISOL STRESS   HORMONE and it is supposed to drop at night, thereby allowing your body to rest after a stressful day. An insomnia patient cortisol level accelerated at night as a result of too many stress responses in the body. Did you know, your body has its own natural self-repair mechanism? Having your stress level on the high side, the self-repair mechanism changes and the individual falls sick.

Sometime back, I suffered from insomnia. I hardly sleep when I manage to sleep; I hardly sleep for three hours. Deep down, I knew sooner or later, I will fall sick.  Eventually, it happened.

Insomnia is a unique and difficult condition to treat because it is self-inflicted. The cause is often the brain refusal to give up its unequaled ability to think of itself. Prof. Daniel .M. Wegner called it the ironic process of mental control.

  • Always Tired.

One of the common medical reasons for constantly feeling weak is iron deficiency anemia. Anemia is a condition where a person has a lower than normal level of red blood cells. When you’re constantly having fatigue that’s your body tell you it needs care but we always ignore the feeling. I’m  not talking of  the psychological tiredness which is caused by physical anxiety thereby leading to insomnia and persistent fatigue. I know mental anxiety can make you feel tired and most people overcome such anxiety with BAND AID SOLUTION (temporary solution which does not deal with the cause of the problem) such as alcohol, cigarette etc. occasional fatigue is OK, maybe you have over labor physically and mentally, but when it becomes frequent, it becomes an issue that should not be ignored.

  • Constant Headache And Neck ache

Having headache is not an issue but when it becomes frequent, it becomes a thing of concern. Such headaches often come with tightening and burning pains, sometimes it occurs on just one side of the head and often are difficult to describe. Persistent headaches are a primary headache that can lead to migraines. When you keep having frequent headache, it’s a sign of something more serious and you need medical checkup to know what you are dealing with.

  • Flu

This is caused by influenza virus and it’s a contagious respiratory illness. Symptoms of flu include sore throat, fever, headache, muscle aches and soreness, congestion, and cough. While it is true that most deaths are in the elderly or people with underlying health problems, it is also true that perfectly healthy people die from the flu every year. Flu is more dangerous than the common cold. Not visiting a doctor, in cases of flu, may cost you your life. If you feel there is something not right, feeling a bit uncomfortable, the best way is to see a doctor and they will be able to tell by blood tests and maybe a scan if you have an area of discomfort.

  • Unnecessary weight loss.

When you experience this problem of weight loss when you are not dieting or trying to lose some weight, it can be a sign of a serious health complication/challenge. Why not take out time to see a doctor, you never know, one trip to your doctor could be a life saver.

  • Difficulty breathing:

If you have trouble breathing, always asking for windows opened, then you should get your heart tested to exclude the risk of cardiac failure. Gone are the days when only the elderly ones stand a chance of heart failure, these day  even the young  experiences it. You should also have your thyroid tested because hypothyroidism can as well cause this kind condition

  • Itchy skin:

We all itch sometimes and it could feel so good getting a good scratch…lol. However if you have a persistent itchy skin, that could be a problem. I understand that some itches are caused by low quality fabric, insect bite or a mild reaction caused by change of lotion. If all these are not the cause of your itchy skin, then you need to consult your doctor.

If by chance you are experiencing any of the signs mentioned above, do not push through the pain or take pain reliever continuously, if you are concerned, why not visit a doctor for close examination.



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