Everybody wants to hear a good story any day, any time. For instance, after his parent’s death, he was constantly being maltreated by his evil step mother then one day he met the ruler of great kingdom who adopted him, gave him the best of everything he ever wished for and they lived happily ever after.

Lovely story right? As much as you’d like to read a wonderful piece from me today, I will be pouring out my heart and this evil darkness that is fighting to envelop my entire being. Yes! you heard me right. Nobody wants to get depressed; nobody wants to live in trauma. Depression” has no age, no color, and no particular time. It can happen to anyone at any time; it takes trust for the person who is depressed to open up.  Indeed depression has no face.  I might be smiling and giving you the best day of your life but deep down, behind closed doors I am very unhappy.

A depressed person may look happy outward but deep down,  the person feels terrible, dull, weak and wearisome. There is absolutely nothing you can see on the outside but inside, there is a storm which no one can guess.

I might laugh with you, work normally but inside I struggling with myself. There is nothing to feel. I just want someone to take me through it but it’s hard to explain because every second i feel things getting worse without any reason i find myself struggling, the night becoming the worst. When i can’t sleep, i’m frightened, I want someone all the time with me, but since nobody noticed my change in behavior and how I sometime act strange and do things I’m not supposed to do, people start leaving me. Thinking the worse of me, judging me without finding out the reason for this sudden change. I can confidently say that when i push people away and isolate myself, I sometimes have no idea I’m even doing it. This happens because I feel the need to take the weight my own mind is putting on my shoulders and project it into the “real” world, or people other than the monsters upstairs. I can’t blame anyone for not seeing it. Neither can I blame them for just seeing that loud girl that’s always angry with the turn of events in the society. They only see a lady that is good at hiding her pains with that lovely smile and always arguing about one thing or the other. They don’t know the only reason I do that is because I need a distraction from the real world.

This works as a catalyst and make things worse. The more I try holding on to things, the more I start losing them and it often drives me mad. People think I’m normal but I’m not. Unfortunately I come from the part of the world who don’t believe in the word “DEPRESSION”

The news making headline is death of our very own DJXGEE  when he made this post on INSTAGRAM;

Okay there is a twist to this last respect ppl give to their loved ones when gone ….. Black as signs of sadness ..but in my case please Rock WHITE Cos i love this colour so much . to all have made smiled and to those i have pissed off trust me im only being Human. Enikorewa i love u so much , Eriayo u name sums it all up u are truly d reason for my Joy . Omobolanle ajoke u know i care .. Moradeke my mum may my God heal u and to my in-Laws Stay  Blessed Always

I’m sure people commented under the post but nobody saw the hidden message in that post. Yes he is a celebrity, who say superstars don’t have problems? We tend to ignore so many things and when tragedy strike, we are quick to cry foul. there is more to this than what was posted, are you sure he actually did it? but he looks happy!

You will all agree with me that, he was a lover of music, giving us the very best of entertainment but he was unhappy and even those close to him never saw it. Everyone is filled with surprise and are now rending a shoulder to the family. This tragedy would have been avoided if only we look beyond the word FRIEND and see the true meaning of friendship.

F: Fight for You

R: Respect You

I: Incredible Times Together

E: Endless Possibilities

N: Never Give Up On Me


D: Deserve You

S: Stand By You

H: Has Patience with You

I: Inspires You

P: Proud Of You

These are what the word friendship stands for. So, if you see any of your friends or a person you know becoming weird all of a sudden, they stop talking and you see some unwanted changes in their behavior, go talk to them, ask them, don’t just sit down and assume things. He/she will not tell you maybe at first but they definitely needs someone  to talk to and will tell you soon if only you can be patient enough to win their trust. That might help him/her to get out of that. Depression becomes worse when people judge you and leave you, just stay there and talk to them, listen to them more he/she will burst out soon and tell you everything.

Secondly never make fun of a person who is going through a challenge. You have no idea what battle he/she is fighting. Just because you are normal and someone is paranoid doesn’t make you better than him/her.

Each time I read a post about people who commit suicide, the first thought that cross my mind is; that could have been me. Then I go through the comment section and I see people commenting hurtful words like; he/she is fool, why take your life, he/she is weak,  Com’on! You have absolutely no idea how much they’ve fought, some of the people who called them weak  might have one way or the other contributed to their pain.  They took their life because they can’t take the pain anymore. The fact that you pass through same challenge and emerge victorious does not make you better than that individual who felt death was the only option left.

finally if there’s anyone reading this and going through same, if you feel hopeless and helpless right now especially with all the buzz about new year and you feel yours is just too bleak and that leaves you feeling weary, PLEASE i request you to stay strong, reach out and talk to someone. seek help immediately!  If you don’t have anyone to talk to or people left you, please message me, I will listen no matter how worse you go or even misbehave with me i will stay there with you. And I will listen to you as long as you want as many days as you want, just hold on there. Suicide is never an option; JUST HOLD ON.

Always remember; there is no uniform for wearing depression on your face. With some people, you can guess. With others, people, you can’t tell at all.

Stay safe and say NO to suicide.

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Written by: Julia Jonathan



I’m Julia Jonathan, I write on relationships, communication and lifestyle advice. I believe there’s always room to improve no matter how incredible you think you are. If you think so too, follow me to see more inspirational stories and articles


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