Do you believe we can create and decide our destiny?

Is it possible to create your destiny? Do you believe in fate? 

Have you noticed that in life, we always imitate others? Do you even realize that when you copy other people, you cannot reproduce their charisma, talent, or success? Externally, we can imitate their life, their way of dressing and drive the same kind of car, but does this give you fulfillment?  These and other points we will be talking about in this article. First and foremost;

What is destiny? 

According to the oxford dictionaryit is the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. Some people call it KARMA. Simply put, Karma is good or bad luck viewed as resulting from ones’ actions.

To create means to bring into existence. Do you know you can create your destiny? What about fate? Do you believe it? 

To create your destiny means; participating in life, having a purpose, and the drive to create something. On the other hand, fate is the idea that we are destined to follow a course in our lives, and we have little or no choice in the result. It is what happens when we fix something in our mind and allow it to gestate into reality. As a human, we are driven, by a plan or purpose to accomplish something. Some will call it fate because it happened, but it all happens because we caused it to happen. 

For instance; 

Life is what we make of it. When we fail to participate in certain things then we fall victim, but if we participate, it gives us the power to direct the flow, and the focus, then it happens as we have directed it to be. It is all about perception and conscious intent. We are the masters of our destiny.

As a human, we all have so much hidden potential in each one of us. What we do to an extent can either make it blossom or destroy it.  When you activate yourself, you bring out all the strengths and talents that God has given you, all that is inherent in you, something natural in you, something genuine and original.

Your destiny is like a puzzle piece that almost fits into the great universal plan. God gave each of us free will, and we are all able to make free choices as to what path our life will take at multiple points during that life. What you achieve in life is down to you. 

We all have role models, but we must think hard before following in their footsteps. Look at the virtues of others and ask yourself: do I have something valuable and worthwhile myself? How can I bring it out? When you notice something negative in those around you, make a firm resolve by saying: Let me not nurture such vices.

As humans, we can choose, and create what we want with limitations and challenges. Some we share, and others we do not, but we are not preprogrammed machines, at least not yet. When things happen to people, and I hear words like It is their destiny, I’m always puzzled. 

Do we now say, an armed robber or a serial killer was destined to be such? The answer is No! Every decision you make in life carries you inexorably toward it. Emergent events occur, and they shape your life as you are being swept forward. The only Grand Plan is the one you decide on for yourself. That is, you can wake up or stay asleep. You can be good or evil. You can change the world, or you can let it change you. You can smile, or you can frown. You can laugh, or you can be miserable. You can be generous, or you can be greedy. You can work hard or be lazy. God created you with free will meaning you have control of your choice, be it good or bad. Therefore, your destiny depends on you to a certain extent. 


 Creating your destiny is the extent to which you are in control of what happens to you, as well as the decisions you make.

For instance;

I’m aware that I cannot swim, after dressing up in my swimsuit; I cannot just dive into an 18ft deep pool without better preparation. That can only mean one thing which is; I am destined to drown, isn’t it? lol

Destiny is your present choice and is why you have some control over it. Therefore, create your destiny. We are used to paying more attention to the external world. We try to gain social approval by dressing ourselves in a certain manner. 

Most times, we might blame others for the things that happen in our lives, and sometimes they might be responsible, but the truth is, we are in control of how we let it affect us. Your dad abandoned at a tender age. Your mom is a drug addict, it’s never your fault, how you respond to it, and how you allow it to affect your life is all that matters. 

I saw a movie where a lady confronted a bully in school, she asked him why he was mean to people, his response was, I had a rough childhood. 

Was he destined to be mean? No! He made that choice; he can as well, decide I do not want to hurt others; I want to give people love despite my experience. Since we are responsible for our every action, so it is our destiny. We create our destiny with the choices we make, and we control it!

Our destiny changes with every decision we make and the people we choose to surround ourselves with. Our destiny continually changes as we react to outside events and the expected and unforeseen results of our own decisions.

When there are care, compassion, and kindness, nothing else matters. So let us stop imitating. Let us evaluate ourselves and nurture the divine core within. Let us seek. Let us activate. Let us be mindful of the decisions and choices we make as we sojourned on earth.

Written by Juliana Jonathan




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