Governor Rotimi Akeredolu expressed his fear of lawyers being arrested in the middle of court sessions.

The act invasion of the courtroom by Department of State Services (DSS) to rearrest #RevolutionNow convener, Omoyele Sowore on Friday December 6, has been condemned by Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

In his words;

“It should be an anathema to the bar that inaction has come upon us. The bar needs to talk on quite a number of things. 

“We must be terror against demagogues. It is when your voice of the bar is heard consistently that it will earn respect. Will people go and desecrate our courtrooms and we keep quiet? The bar must condemn it. There is no explanation anybody can give you.

“Somebody calls it drama. Drama! How? What we saw was not drama, you must stand up to condemn the SSS for what they did in Abuja.

“Our spirit must remain indomitable. Forget about where we are today because enough of us made efforts to say what you have done is wrong and only way out was apology almost immediately but what people believe is different.

“If we are not careful, the day will come that people will walk into a judge’s sitting and arrest people with their wig and gown.”

Although the DSS and the Presidency have shared their own account of the incident however; the Governor of Sowore’s home state insisted that no explanation can justify the invasion of the courtroom by the DSS. He also expressed his fear of lawyers being arrested in the middle of court sessions.

Written by Juliana Jonathan



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