#Hate speech bill: If the wicked will not stop his wickedness God will stop his wickedness – Bishop David Oyedepo.

The founder and general overseer of Living faith Church also known as winners chapel has describe the hate speech bill as a crazy idea.

He made this known during the opening ceremony of the shiloh convention tagged, breaking limits which kicked off yesterday 3rd December 2019. Bishop said the Bill is a way of silencing Nigerians from speaking the truth.

Bishop David Oyedepo insist that the government wants to use the hate speech bill as ploy to cover up the failure to carry out it’s constitutional responsibilities.

He said;

“They said hate speech. One of the most crazy ideas. So, if you are wrong they shouldn’t tell you you’re wrong?” he questioned. “Who are you?  That you hang somebody? Road is bad and you can’t say road is bad because it is hate speech? You can silence everybody, not a prophet. A prophet is answerable to God. What God says to him, he says.”

“They are not hanging killers and they want to hang speakers. That bill is dead on arrival.” he said.



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