Health Benefit of Sex

There are many positive correlations between love, sex and health. And so, it has produced many questions…..

Have you wondered if an active sex life can truly alleviate pain? Do sexually active people have fewer colds and bouts of flu? Is it true that married people live longer than single or divorced people? Can an active sex life help prevent disease and illnesses by strengthening our immune system?

I have these answers and more, read on….

Sex is a form of communication that requires you to show yourself in a very uncomfortable way. You are lowering all your defenses and being open. It’s no different than you having a deep conversation where you truly speak your mind and bare your soul. Sex can add color to a relationship and it should never be used as a bargaining chip or a weapon.

Sex is the most basic need of every human in this world apart from the normal food, house and clothes. Therefore, it should not be seen as just a mechanical or a physical activity where two people make random weird sounds and ejaculate.

An active sex life is both stimulating and rejuvenating to the glandular system. When we make love the pituitary gland, the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands, the prostate and testes in men, and the ovaries in women are thoroughly exercised. The net result is that people in love look and feel better about themselves.   It helps you to have a deeper connection with yourself along with your partner. You start loving your body and caring for it so as to look more appealing to yourself and your partner. This helps in having better quality as well as quantity of sex.


There are several importance of sex but I believe the most important of them all is:

  • To strengthen the bond between two people. It’s not just about the orgasm NO! It’s about sharing yourself completely, and showing your love for each other. Intimacy brings you closer together physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s no longer about you; it’s about them, fulfilling their wants and needs. When you are both focusing on the other person instead of yourself, it becomes beautiful.
  • Sex is special and amazing.
  • Sex helps in the continuation of life on this earth.
  • Sex is an important function of life.
  • Sex is energy.
  • Sex is a biological need and is a body need.
  • Sex helps fight stress and as per research sex increases immunity

But like all other natural activities of life and other natural processes, sex too should be indulged in moderately just like overeating, over drinking or over consumption of anything is harmful so is the over indulgence in sex.


The benefits of sex are immense as it helps you to maintain your body naturally without constantly going to the gym or running though both are recommended for better sexual appeal.

Activation of the sex center in the brain has health effects on other brain centers. Every cell in the body gets this message and is strengthened by it. An active sex life strengthens our immune system. Scientists have compared the nerve endings of happy, loving and sexually-fulfilled people with unhappy and sexually-unfulfilled people.

Apparently, large numbers of immune-system cells were gathered near the nerve endings in the “happy” people. A similar microscopic exam of “unhappy” and depressed persons showed no such gathering of immune-system cells.

Scientists theorized that the nerve endings in the “happy” group were releasing neurotransmitters. These are chemicals, like adrenalin and  acetylcholine, which facilitate the transmission of nerve messages.

Scientists concluded that these neurotransmitters could attract, feed, and strengthen the various immune-system cells. One thing you must understand is; during sex, the heart beats twice as fast, pumping blood to the pelvis, breasts, nipples, and surface of the skin, helping get rid of toxins and bringing in nutrients.


The confidence and positive feeling after sex cannot be ignored (I’m talking about doing it willingly and not under any pressure or for money) The relaxed feeling of body and muscles which results in better sleep thereby having increased energy and stamina for better focus on other things in life.  It increases overall happiness, reduces stress, reduces blood pressure and increases our immune system.

It is a perfect stress relief. Well, yes. If you had a bad day, problems at work, what else will work better than sex? One may say a huge pizza or a bottle of wine but we should not compare them. Scientists prove that sport and sex produce a lot of happy hormones. So if you had a bad day, don’t eat plenty of chocolates just be intimate with your partner and thank me later….

Sex reduces the risk of cancer! Can you believe it? Active sexual life can prevent both breast and even prostate cancer. So we can call it even some kind of treatment. Free treatment.

Sex helps to live a longer life. Regular sex makes you less prone to lots of illnesses. It makes you feel full of energy and positivity.

It helps you to be fit. Regular sexual activities target all muscles in your body. Isn’t it the best health benefit?

Sex reduces pain. Scientists prove that happy hormones help to reduce and even get rid of pain. So headache is not a reason to refuse a sex but frankly it’s the reason to have it!

Sex also help us breath twice as fast, bringing in more oxygen. Muscles are tensed and relaxed, alternatively. Of course, not much good is realized by those who rush through lovemaking in ten minutes or less. But for those who spend a leisurely hour or two, the benefits can be considerable mind blowing. You and you alone can determine the success or failure of your sex and love life; your physical, mental and spiritual health; and almost every other aspect of your life.

My personal belief is that sex is for love, a lot of people have ended up getting married just to have sex, and if the sex is bad, the opt for a divorced. 


Having a great sex life can cure so many other issues in a relationship. But without it, it can cause rifts that weren’t there to begin with.

Written by: Juliana Jonathan

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I’m Julia Jonathan, I write on relationships, communication and lifestyle advice. I believe there’s always room to improve no matter how incredible you think you are. If you think so too, follow me to see more inspirational stories and articles

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