Are you thinking of signing up on an online dating site? Do you think you stand the chance of meeting the love of your life online? If yes this post is just for you.

People often throw all safety tips in the wind when it comes to online dating. I have read, and i have seen a lot of people have had great luck with online dating. A lot of people have met the love of their life on, dating website, some are married now and have kids. Some have been quite unfortunate with online dating. Some loss their lives in the process, and some have been rendered handicap for life.

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Few weeks ago, I read a piece of a girl that met a guy on a dating app, invited him to her house and he ends up killing her. Though, there is another side to the story which state she died of drug over dose. In life, we have to apply caution, and use our common sense when doing anything.

Today I will be showing us a few tips that will help guide you on online dating. The first is;

Meet up at a neutral place with other people around.

You have been speaking for a while, and now it is time to meet up. Pick a place where you are surrounded by people. That way, if he/she has and interior motives, they will not be able to execute it.

Have someone check in with you at a set time.

Before living home to meet up with the person, ensure to inform a friend, parent or sibling you are going on a date and the location, so they know where you are.  Now is not the time to start that, I’m private person stuff. When you meet the person, put a call across to friends or family, and also tell them to check on you at a set time while you are still with your date.

Do not wait too long to meet.

This kills the vibe if its taking too long to meet. Two years is okay that is; if you are both living in different continents. Six or eight months it’s okay if you are living in different states.

Get in tune with your intuition and listen to what your guts tells you.

It is good to be spiritually sensitive. Whenever you are about doing something and your guts keep giving you a warning signal, learn to listen to it. You never can tell, you are just one step from making a wrong decision or choice.

If something seems fishy, do not proceed with your connection.

When they keep fixing and cancelling hangout spot, that is a red flag. Do not proceed with the date. You can make video calls with your potential date and see if you click. We will all agree that, you cannot know someone by just looking at their pictures or through video calls but one thing you must understand is, it helps you have a little knowledge of how they look, how they sound, and if you love the sound of their voice. Lol.

Do not have a first date in a dark alley or at someone’s house.

This is self-explanatory. Never accept meeting them at their house, or if it is late or they chose a dark and lonely place because they gave an excuse of being a shy type. That’s a big NO. Meet in a well-lit public place, and ensure to drive yourself or get an Uber on your first date.

Do a status check on social media.

Social media have made it easy to catch people with their pants down. If you get talking to someone, and it seems hopeful, ask for their Facebook profile, that is, their real name. If they are open and honest, they should have no problem sharing their Facebook profile with someone they intend to date. Of course, this also means you have to be ready to share yours with them. Even though most people will tell you, I am not on social media to hide their shit. Do not believe them. Ask them why they are not on social media and listen to their reason but be smart enough to read between the lines.

Do not settle for,  I am a private person, and I am not on social media crap to avoid wasting your precious time and money on liars who are already married. Yes, it happens offline too. However, online is a nearly effortless place for a narcissist to get such attention.

There is never always a smooth ride with online dating. The truth is, you may have to go through a couple of rough rides before you finally meet the one, but you must also understand that it is not the fault of the dating application. 

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Just be honest about yourself. If something seems too good to be true, tread lightly. Remember, letting a stranger walk into your life is never risk-free, but when that stranger hides behind a computer screen, it is even harder to see danger for what it is until it is too late and your foot is in the trap.

You can trust online dating from a safety standpoint, as long as you are aware of your limitations, and take safety precautions. Do not hope to be a lucky one. Be vigilant, be wise, and do your research. What can you find online about this person? When you meet them, and the people in their world, what do they say about them? 

These are few things to keep in mind when signing up for an online date. 

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Written by: Juliana Jonathan

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