We all know that relationship sums up from things like loyal, understanding, patience, respect and trust. You will be surprised that sex, which is also one aspect in which relationship is built is hardly talk about. It is seen as a scared topic. When we talk about sex, we are not just speaking of two bodies but of two souls, it is about sharing intimacy which cannot be shared by mere words.

Some people will say, sex is overrated but I see it as a very important factor in any relationship. Remove sex from a relationship, you can still have good partners but one thing you must understand is this; the intimacy between the couple will deteriorate over time.

Apart of having sex just for fun, it plays a vital role in human because it serves as a connecting bridge of female and male lifespan. Some people consider it important while others don’t. for example, most of this new generation have failed in the bedroom but when it comes to phone sex, they are very active. How would you explain a partner in bed with a sexy lady yet phone sex texting another to show her nudes? Come on, what happens to that hot lady lying next to you? Where practical failed, divorce and rejections are high.

It is surprising what the word “SEX” can do. It is good for chemistry and manifesting love in a physical act.  People vary quite a lot in their need for sex, I often tell people; never go into a physical relationship with anyone that do not find you attractive and arousing. Reasons being; sex plays an integral part of a relationship. Sex is about intimacy and intimacy is integral to romance. It is practice widely by in relationships because you have a legal partner with whom you can share your animal instinct with.

Sex balances both the emotional and physical health. I would say it can be much more passionate experience when you share it with a meaningful partner.  Just like Woody Allen Said and I quote;


Sometimes you may be a relationship with someone who is asexual or someone who finds it disgusting or maybe someone who has lost his/her ability to have sex. In situation like this, what do you do?

Honesty; let the person know from the get go your fears and worries and let them make the decision to stay or go. A horny man/woman can be dangerous that moment when he is aroused and he is deprived of it that is why we have cases of husbands raping wives.

I saw a movie where this lady was sexually molested at a tender age and she find it hard letting it go. Even as an adult, the fear was there. She married a good and understanding man but each he wants to get intimate with her, she hides behind her job. To cut the story short, the relationship ended in divorce.

You must understand that, to some people sex is let food and when you deny them of it, you will not like the outcome. Be honest with your sexual preference. If it is the one that requires seeing a therapist and the person is willing to support then you should show flexibility.

I know as our faces differ, so is our relationship and sexual life. Some couples will be like, oh! Is that what you want? Then you can have it while another couple will tell you, to hell with what you want, I want this and this is how I want it. To some is not a big deal. It is something they can do once in a week and they do not really discuss about it. while to another it is a big deal that can crash their relationship if not handled properly.

 I often laugh when I hear people shun sexual discussion, listen; no matter your race, religion and culture, sex is unique to every individual and has been informed by their experience. Some people might have had great experience while others terrible and disappointing experience, but whatever your experience may be; good or bad, let your understanding of sex and what it means to you be positive.

Today, when you view 50 couples who got divorce, you will be surprised to find lack of sex was one of the cause of 35% of the people in question. When a man and woman come together and fall in love, sex is definitely a part of the relationship. I know people fall in love and do not have sex. In other words; a relationship can be sexless but that does not mean sex is unimportant. The truth is; they defined what they want from the onset and made a decision to stick by it. Most people are in a sexless relationship and they avoid addressing the issue because of fears that the discussion will result in conflict.


Sex is a way for a couple to bond on intimately, it is difficult to have a romantic relationship with a woman/man without good sex being involved. Remember; it takes two to tango, having Mr. A or Mrs. B doing the waltz is never going to work.

The same way eating has its advantage so also does sex. Here are some advantages of sex;

  • It keeps relationship healthy
  • Its removes and ease stress
  • It helps you understand your partner
  • Its satisfies you and;
  • It is fun.
  • It is important because it is what makes a romantic relationship different from a friendship

Written by: Jonathan Juliana

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