How Deep is Your Love?

How does it feel when you love someone so deep that you can die for him or her? How deep is your love for that special someone you hold dear to your heart? Is it deep enough not to allow shallow ego become a hurdle in your relationship? Is it deep enough not to let the shallow gossips of other people who do not know a single thing about your relationship affect the trust you have for each other?

Love is more like a seed. When it is provided with nutrient-rich soil and watered daily, it brings you the greenest of plant, and if done otherwise, you get the cactus or the unwanted ones. 

Has anyone ever asked you; how deep your love for them is?

Love goes deep within us as we are willing to allow it and, there are different “kinds” of love that change the reach of their depth within us. How deep mine goes has no value to anyone other than myself.
I have been scathe by many, and I’m now extremely cautious, and oftentimes it ruins the initial stages of getting to know someone. However, once I feel secure, I let my guard down. I love sweetly, generously, and completely because love is what makes this world easy to live, and with someone in your corner, you feel safe, strong, and happy.

The phrase, how deep is your love can have a different meaning to different people. It can mean, how strong we are for ourselves, proving the value of our love through challenges, ups and downs, and unbeatable foes. And it can as well mean I can die for you. The fact remains; there are not many words that can be used to justify just how incredibly deep this feeling can go, but one thing I can tell you is that; they are rooted at the heart of our soul.

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When you are in love, you would have such a tight bond with the other person; you both would know things about each other that no one else knows. There will be ups and downs, but you both would work through your problems. The couple will have what I call an unbreakable bond. They will be in pain if they see their significant other hurts. They will do anything if it means; their loved one gets to smile or feel better again. They will do whatever it takes to keep their love safe and out of harm’s way, even if it means that they would not be able to see the other one again. All they care about is, their soul mate is safe and unharmed; all they want is, knowing their loved one is not suffering. They would rather be the one lying in the hospital bed as long as they get to look up into their lovers’ eyes and see them unharmed and know that their lover’s heart is still beating.

Sincerely speaking, it’s exhilarating reaching this level of love because it can make or break you. It is both a strength and a weakness because at this point, you have permanently given a little piece of yourself to someone else forever, and if something were to happen to your other half, that means part of you would die with them.

 It takes courage to tell someone what is in your heart and put it all out there. The annoying part is how our egos and society try to tell us how we should feel and act.

Have you ever love someone so deep that you would die for him or her?

As much as people say that they will ‘die’ for someone else, the fact is, that is not real. No person on this planet can love someone else more than they love themselves. Love does not work that way. You love others, and that love is equal to the love you have for yourself. Even the bible said; love your neighbor as yourself, and not more than yourself. Lol

Love is knowledge in some form, and very few people experience true love in their lifetime. I know I sound dramatic but, it truly is a fact.

How far are you willing to go for that person you love?

I agree when we are in love, things do change, our views do alter but giving away your life will never show your true love for the person in question. Instincts will always take over in a life or death situation. Nobody will intentionally want to sacrifice their life to save someone else. Yes, you can choose to put your life in danger to save someone else, but one thing is certain which is; part of you believes you will both survive. come to think of it;  you should be smart enough to know that your life means a lot to some people (Family, Friends. e.t.c).

Everything in life deserves the correct amount of priority and, that means; how much you love yourself is equal to how much you love other people. Do not give it all to someone. I wish love was not mistaken with such cruel words. 

The truth is this; the depth of love can never be measured. It can only be felt.


How deep are you willing to let your love go within you?

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Written by: Juliana Jonathan

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