Steps On How To Revive Your Failing Relationship.

Have you ever imagined someone keeping track of himself or herself to make sure they will be who you would be proud of at any given point in time?

In life, there is only one true happiness and it is “to love and be loved in return”. Everyone wants to feel cherished, feel extraordinary, feel on top of the world because we all deserve nothing but the best.  Apart from the feeling and conviction that God loves you despite your flaws, there is no other feeling as good as waking up each day knowing someone, somewhere is crazy about you and would do everything possible to keep you.

Great relationships are not built in a day. Each time we see happy couples and we admire them, here is what i want you to know, first and foremost, have you ever stopped to think about what have been put in place (in terms of time, commitment patience etc) in order to get that lovely relationship you so much admire?

In this article, i want to share with you tips on what could be a new and enlightening prospective on ways to revive your relationships to be the Bonnie and Clyde type of relationship. The first on my list is:


Many couple think, just because they’ve gotten what they wanted, they stop doing those things the always do while wooing or courting. They stop going on date and even stop giving each other surprises. Listen, here is the deal, there is no better approach to boosting your relationship like retracing your steps back to how it was in the beginning. Pick a date, send the kids (if there are any) to spend time with granny. Eat out, have fun, tell each other sweet word. I bet some of us can’t remember the last time we said “i love you” and mean it. You know exactly what you want in a relationship, make it happen.


We all know life can be busy and we become so worked up, its important to set at least 20-30 minutes to reflect on our relationships. Ask yourself questions like, WHAT WENT WRONG? WHAT WAS I DOING BEFORE NOW THAT I STOPPED DOING? I bet if you can answer those questions genuinely, then you are on your way to having that great relationship.


I remember those early times in relationship, you wake up in the morning and there is a message saying ” Hello beautiful/handsome, how was your night? I really missed those sweet lips of yours, i wished i slept in our arms so you cuddle me all night long” Do you know those little things count? It will implant the picture of your face in the mind of your spouse for the entire day. Get naughty, it does not matter if you are sitting next to each other, drop a hot spicy text and spy on you partner to see the lovely smile on his/her face. Its always fun.


Phones have done damage to relationships than good. I use to be so pissed up at my ex because he is always chatting or reading stories online when ever i come visiting, i hardly get his attention and i for one is an attention freak. I know there are people like me out there. In order to boost your relationship give your attention to him/her and not your smart phone.


I read a story sometime ago about a lady trying to be romantic to her man, she planned a lovely candle light dinner, decorated the house and meh! Just looking at the picture of the room, you can imagine cupid shooting his arrows everywhere but to her shock and greatest surprise, her man never appreciate it. Romantic notions are good, its expressive, its brings this conducive atmosphere of love in your relationship.


Being intimate with your partner is very important. Some people cant remember the last time they where intimate with their spouse. Most of them blame in on their tight schedule, others on too tired yet spend most time online asking strangers for nudes online, but can never start an intimate conversation with their spouse, too bad. Give your spouse what he/she deserve, there is no law that says a man must initiate sex, if he is not coming forth with it, you as a lady initiate it an watch if he would say no.. Research shows that, couple who are create time for intimacy in their relationship always have the best relationship. I would advice you do that often.


Over the years, i have learned that being appreciative creates room for the person to do more for you. No matter how little the favour or gift is, always show appreciation. I would even advice you say “thank you honey” after a great SEX, it will boast their morals and they would want to do more. Even God likes thanks giving.

Now that we have discussed those little things we see as nothing in our relationship, i hope we take time to do them and watch your relationship skyrocket into that wonderful relationship you’ve always dream or you once had.


Written By: Juliana Jonathan

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I’m Julia Jonathan, I write on relationships, communication and lifestyle advice. I believe there’s always room to improve no matter how incredible you think you are. If you think so too, follow me to see more inspirational stories and articles

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