How to Keep the Momentum of Peace in Your Relationship.(pt 2)

Here are few ways to have a peaceful and stronger relationship.

  • Listen to your partner: Most people hardly listen when you are talking to them, they wait for you to finish speaking so they can say what’s on their mind. Most of such people are fault finders. Learn to listen and not just listen; show some gestures, like nodding your head, signing, etc.
  • Do little things for each other: You can decide to surprise your love with home cook meal at work. You can help her do the laundry. Those little things matter a lot.
  • Show them from time to time that you still love them. People often say, I love you a lot, but when was the last time you took him/her on a date? When was the last time you bought flowers or little gifts for your significant other?
  • Respect each other’s parents and treat their family as yours and vice versa.
  • Treat your partner as your equal.
  • Keep your ego aside.
  • Learn to forgive and forget small mistakes.
  • Do not bring out topics from the past in any argument.
  •  Say sorry if your partner does not say it first.


  •  Never sleep on separate beds. Whenever I hear a couple say myself, and husband has separate rooms, I’m like, seriously! The funny excuse they come up with is; we need privacy. If you so much want privacy, then you ought to have stayed single.
  • End the argument on the same day instead of stretching it for few days.
  • Respect each other and do not take the other for granted
  • A person is insecure when they do not feel good enough about themselves hence do not trust in their ability to make others feel good in their presence. Insecurity comes along with honesty, trust, and transparency. If you can completely trust in your relationship, then there will not be any question of insecurity!
  • Constant reassurance of your love to make them feel wanted. Also, appreciate their talents, traits, and strengths can boost their confidence. It can also make them feel good about themselves thereby, creating room for peace in the relationship. 
  • Do not doubt them in any case. Motivate them the best way you can. Help them achieve their goal. Be their biggest cheerleader.
  • Give importance to your partner, and honesty is the most important thing for a peaceful relationship.
  • Let things go. We have to forgive. Holding on to a grudge is not healthy, and it’s going to blow up in both of your faces. No good ever comes out of this. Forgive and forget. That’s the saying.
  • Put off arguing in public. Never argue in front of friends and family. That’s not cool. You can raise your voice, but do that behind closed doors. No one likes to see a couple argue, and it’s awkward for all of us.
  • Give each other some space. If one person is busy, then you should give him/her space and time because you both will progress if you give each other enough time and space to grow. Consequently, it will make the bond more stronger. Expect nothing from them. It will strengthen and bring maturity to your love! Too much expectation is the cause of most failed relationships in our society. You expect him to be your knight in shining amour, and he expects her to be his sleeping beauty. Expectations are good, but there must be a limit.
  • Tell the truth. No exceptions. No white lies. No pretending which means, messing with someone else reality. Nothing will undermine your relationships other than when other people feeling you cannot be trusted. Once you finally learn that you and your partner need to agree to disagree and to keep the lines of communication open at all times, you will find more joy and happiness in that relationship. When you go through tough times with someone, it strengthens the bond.
  • Pick your battles. Not everything is worth a fight, no matter how right you think you are or how wrong you think your spouse is. It is not always worth a fight. Stop trying to read their mood fast as the mood swings. These are some reasons for the fight between two people. If you notice a mood swing, the best way to go about this is to ask, are you ok? Do you want to talk about it? Try winning their trust before giving suggestions. Listen to them whenever they are speaking to you.
  • Always remember, nothing is perfect. You can start thereby not having unrealistic ideas or expectations of what a relationship is or should be. Nothing kills a relationship faster than expected. Having expectations is good, but when your expectations are high then, everything they do becomes an issue. A great relationship is hard work, no doubt about it. You will have good days and bad days. Sometimes it feels like more bad than good, but if you can compromise and try to keep the peace, it is so much easier.


Stay away from each other family matters. Keep your suggestions aside till your opinion is needed. A perfect relationship is not possible, but a peaceful one is possible. Just depends on having someone you share a common interest in, and you two gravitate to each other’s positive loving energy daily.

Written by: Juliana Jonathan

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