How to Keep the Momentum of Peace in Your Relationship. (Pt 1)

Is feeling at peace in a relationship the same as being in love? What is the most important thing for a peaceful relationship? Did you know the relationship you so much admire consists of two people, and it takes both of them to make it work?

These are some of the points we will be looking at in this article.

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What is peace?

Peace is the harmonious well-being and freedom from hostile aggression, the complete understanding, and acceptance of humans not only with others but with themselves also. It is both personal, something within ourselves, while also being something big out there in the world. Peace cannot exist when either of them (within and outside) is disturbed.

Therefore before, in order to have a peaceful relationship, you must first of all have a good relationship. A good relationship is a place where both you and your partner feel happy, blessed, and supportive to one another, you have the interest of the other at heart, you make each other feel special, and you as well complement each other. 

A good relationship is indeed a healthy relationship. It makes the parties involved feel special and happy. If one is sad over something, the other will try to do something that will bring a smile to their face. That is to say, indirectly, you want them to know that they are not alone in this, and that will make them feel strong and secure to deal with any situation.

One of the biggest problems in our society (relating to relationships) is that;  most people have no training on the relationship,  be it family, business, friendship or romantic relationship. They have no idea that men and women think and act differently in many different ways. Both sexes make this mistake: men assume women think /feel like men. The same applies to women.

Human life, in particular, is very complicated, and we have to worry about many balances: such as; food, water, air, sleep, exercise, etc. on the other hand, we also have to worry about the balance between work and play, between learning and helping, between finding meaning and getting things done, and a lot of more complicated topics. One thing we must understand is; there are different relationships with ups and downs. Even the most seemingly perfect couples we admire from a distance also get into fights from time to time. It is normal and a good thing for them to clear their heads.

Did you know relationships tend to work better if only people can remember the nature of life and the limitations of being human?

How can I have a perfect and peaceful relationship?

The first thing you must understand is; there is no perfect relationship, there are always ups and downs.Reality and life are neither perfect nor peaceful. Therefore, relationships with real live people cannot be perfect or totally peaceful either. Perfection is not attainable by humans. We make mistakes, we are imperfect beings. Therefore to expect this from someone else is a delusion and you should really think about why you want perfection.

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There’s always a give and take in being with someone else. There will be disagreements, and once that happens, communication needs to be the first priority. If you do not have time for communication or a method to talk to your partner or discuss issues, you will be disappointed. Most people turn to religion in search of a perfect and peaceful relationship. It is only possible to have a perfect and peaceful relationship with a perfect supernatural entity (God) who knows everything, including all your faults, and whose infinite compassion and benevolence forgives them.


Nothing good comes easily, and as far as a peaceful relationship is concerned, this also takes work to achieve. Did you know relationships are worth the time you spend to make them successful?  If  life were easy, then no one would argue or have heated discussions or disagreements. However, life is never easy, and there are lessons to learn every day in some way.

To be continue……….

Written by: Juliana Jonathan

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