Today’s topic is about self-love. How well do you love and appreciate that wonderful stature you have?

Sometimes I cannot help but imagine how many women actually love their bodies, or would be willing to admit to loving their bodies.

Show me a woman who is natural, and likes herself, and has self-confidence any day, over any other type of woman. I do not care if a woman who is natural wants to dress up or make up or whatever, because that is what they want, as long as she does not define herself by those clothes and that make up. And I will show you a woman who is confident of herself and love herself with a reckless abandon.

We have women going under the knife all because of this weird self-destructive thing. Do not get me wrong, I am not judging women that feel they want to make a few adjustments to parts they are not personally happy with. But often this leads to hatred towards oneself. It makes me feel sorry for so many women, and it makes me very angry for whoever or whatever started it, and keeps it going, because of power or money or whatever.

We see post of bloggers pointing out ladies who went under the knife for enhancement, we see fans calling out celebrities because of photo shop, sometimes they escape it and other times they get caught.

Filter picture

Back then, I was in this position. I will never upload my pictures without filters, beauty plus and every other things. I go as far as changing my photo background. I was feeling inferior to all those ladies I see slaying. Then one-day, I had my bath, stood naked in front of a mirror and saw how naturally beautiful I look. I met a friend online who also encouraged me to do away with heavy markup and just look natural. I know I have this charming smile and just a little of it on my picture will do the magic.

Sometime back, I went for a photo shoot and when I got the pictures, I hated them, reason are they do not look like me. I was totally missing from the scene, I did another and I felt the same and I said to myself. I won’t do it again. I’d rather you just take the shot and leave the enhancing part alone.

Studio picture

Do you know, beautiful, symmetrical, healthy women usually love themselves, including their bodies? Recently, I discovered women have begun to give themselves permission to love their bodies and since they spend so much time caring for them, it is easy to see why. But funny enough, most of the women, who love their bodies most or spend time nurturing their body, are still up on the pedestal for men to admire and of cause, women enjoy being loved and respected for their beauty, so they put a lot of energy into self-maintenance.


You may have a bit of a tummy with stretch marks, your butt and thighs full of cellulite that makes you a woman. Forget about those people that specialize in body shaming others, the truth is, they are sadist, they hate their life and they want you to feel the same. Ignore them, just be happy with how you look, be confident and  grateful that you have a fully functioning body that can run and dance, just love and appreciate every part of your body.

A lot of women are locked into this self-destructive race to turn themselves into copies of the pictures they see in magazines, and sometimes they cannot manage it, because those pictures have been photo shopped, and guess what? You cannot Photoshop life. And the pictures of women in those magazines, in my eyes, do not look real. When I see pictures of models before all the make-up and lights and impossibly impractical clothes I’m like, is this how they look before all the ceremony? Seriously they look ordinary, and lovely.

Just like Martin Luther King, I have a dream.

My dream is…

  1. Of women loving the uniquely beautiful bodies they were born with.
  2. Of no one wasting another minute of their short, precious life trying to diet into some skinny, impossible ideal.
  3. Of women in beautiful, curvy, womanly bodies fully ripe and gorgeously inhabited.
  4. Of women doing good work in the world and loving their families instead of obsessing about food and what size they wear.
  5. Of a world that no longer shames the naturally curvy female body.
  6. Of bigotry toward body sizes fading away and becoming as unacceptable as bigotry toward skin color or race.
  7. Of children being accepting of varying body sizes instead of learning to make fun of each other.
  8. Of people enjoying food and loving life instead of depriving themselves and being miserable in the name of beauty.
  9. Of movies that cast actresses who look like women instead of emaciated skeletons.
  10. Of a world rich with love and acceptance rather than one of souls starved by hatred and rejection.

To be honest, it feels awkward to apply a great man’s signature line to a different cause. And yet, I think Martin Luther King would understand. I think he would agree that bigotry and hatred of any kind is unacceptable.

I think he would support women living rich lives instead of starving themselves and being miserable due to extreme cultural prejudice. I think he would agree that a person can no more change their genetic body size and shape than they can change the color of their skin. And that neither shape, nor color, has anything to do with the quality of the person.

Written by: Juliana Jonathan




I’m Julia Jonathan, I write on relationships, communication and lifestyle advice. I believe there’s always room to improve no matter how incredible you think you are. If you think so too, follow me to see more inspirational stories and articles

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