Cheating is just an excuse, I believe when people cheat; it’s just a way of them saying, I want to be with this person and also want to be with this other person. The same way people deal with loss of a loved one differently, so also they deal with infidelity. Some often let go easily not because they are foible minded but because of the love they have for you. Others will never let go because you betrayed their trust.

Let’s get this straight;

Unless the other person completely understands and shows remorse for what they had done, it’s really hard for someone to get over. Most times people hold on to it and even when they try to hide it, it has a way of showing in other area of life. No matter how hard you try not to let it be seen.

People will often say;

                                          I forgive you but I cannot forget it

Whenever i hear such statement, the question that often comes to my mind is this:

*   Do you have emotional enclosure?

*    Have the both of you sat down and honestly discussed the issue of his/her cheating?

The truth is this, when we delay the infidelity discussion, we end up causing more harm to the relationship. Yes, they cheated but how are you going to heal if you do not talk about it? This is what you need to know, not everybody can get over an affair. The beauty of discussing the issue is for you to decide if you can or cannot get over it. If you make decision to get over it, then, you must get over it. If you feel the betrayal was so deep and you can no longer stay in the relationship because the betrayal was so deep that it severed the trust you have for that person then by all means, you need to move on. So many people live between the two, trying to hold on and trying to move forward. They hold on to the past and in their mind they are saying; I should be able to move forward. Anytime you hold on to the past for anything or any area of your life, it will show up in your behavior, your habit, in the way you treat other people, in your health and how you feel about yourself.

No matter how you try to hide it, it has to come out in some form because it’s like energy and it just has to come out. If you are with someone whether you’re married or dating, if you feel you need to be with someone else, by all means, terminate the relationship you are currently in and then move one. Don’t holds on to the other person because it causes a lot of hurt and pain in the current relationship and in the long run, everyone will definitely get hurt



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