Is It Bad For A Lady To Demand Sex From Her Man?

Hey guys here is a quick question for you.

Would you be happy if your man starts dating other woman outside to satisfy his sexual urge?

A lady wrote,

“My husband keeps complaining I don’t demand sex from him, he is always the one demanding sex but to me its normal but he is making an issue out of it, I keep telling him its difficult for a lady to demand sex”

I totally disagree with the end part of that complaint, although I know some women find it hard to ask for it but one thing you should know as a lady is this, the beginning is always difficult but when you keep the ball rolling it become part of you.

One thing I must tell you is this, everyone has a demand list and on the men’s demand list “SEX” is number one. Every man wants his wife to be a saint outside and a whore in the bedroom. Sex is super important to men although there are exceptions. Most men would tell you to ask for sex when you need it, most women see it as lack of respect for themselves because she simply wants to express herself.

Now I want you to hear this “if its not mutual, then its parasitic”. When its only your man demanding for sex, he see’s himself as a parasite feeding on you. It is advisable you loosen up, don’t be uptight or you’ll push him away. You have to express your own feeling to him. Here is another question;

Has there ever been a time, you feel horny and your husband was not in the mood? 

How did you handle the situation?

Imagine you find yourself in this situation, what would you have done? Some persons would use the word “self control” come on, you are simply dying slowly. There is no need to be shy about it. If you are the shy type, there are certain ways you can demand for it without saying the word “SEX”.

Dress seductively and work up to him whenever you are horny and watch him react instantly.Do you know, there is no way you will seduce your husband and he will turn down your advances?  Men are like babies and when you know how to play your game, they totally fall for it.

Come up behind him, wrap your arms around him, nibble his ears and let your hand wander….lol

You can dress up in your pretty see through underwear, snap and send to him, tease him by letting him know this is all you will be wearing while waiting for him to return. By this act, you have programmed his mindset on what would happen when he arrives.

By those little acts, you’ve already given him the signal without saying it out. Or you can simply say the word in his ear, “honey let’s have Sex” it does not bite.

There’s absolute nothing wrong in a woman asking for sex from her husband any time you feel like it. Just hold on tight and he will respond.


Most men do not like to live a parasitic life, they prefer a mutual life especially when it comes to the “sex” subject. They want to live the life where they are sure their partner wants the same thing they want

If you are in the shy people category, try using those little tips I just mentioned and thank me later

WRITTEN BY: Juliana Jonathan

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