Is it possible to brainwash yourself for success? (Pt 1)

I was listening to a radio program some days back, and the topic of discussion was; how to brainwash yourself for success.  I cannot help but ask myself if it is possible? How can I brainwash myself? 

Growing up, I was told; I need to work hard, get good grades, attend a good higher institution then get a high-paying job. As I grew up, I was subtly, and regularly reminded to study harder to improve my grades. This suggestion came with an explanation that to get a good job, I need to attend a good school, not just any school but a university.  When it was time to choose a course of study, I chaos options based on the chances of getting a high-paying job through it.

Somehow, my brain starts believing that the only motive of my going to school in life is somehow to get placed in an organization with a seven-figure salary. I entered higher institutions with the same mindset, and upon interaction, with other people to an extent, my belief was validated. It seemed to me that getting a high-paying job is somehow the only ingredient for success and happiness. If this is not brainwashing, then what is it?

We all know what it means to brainwash someone. From a layman definition, to brainwash means; making someone believe in certain things or doctrine to the extent that; they see no other way except what you have told them. Then it begins to dawn on me that it can be possible.

So, how do I brainwash myself for success? What do I need to do? What steps do I need to take to achieve this? How does a narcissist brainwash people? These questions we will consider in this article.

What does brainwashing mean?

Brainwashing means coercion, and it implies breaking down old belief systems and thought patterns to install new ones through the means of special coercion, which is an aggressive mind-control technique. According to Wikipedia, the term Brainwash was first used by Edward Hunter to describe how the Chinese government appeared to make people cooperate with them. Therefore technically, I believe the word BRAINWASH originated from the Chinese, and it is directly translated as wash the brain.

In life, there comes a time when everyone needs to reassess the path in which they are heading and give everything they have to make sure that they attain success. I call this process brainwashing yourself to achieve your goals.

Here is an example of a regular experience;

There is always this little voice popping up in our minds, telling us what to do and what not to do. For instance, you have an interview, and you must leave home latest by 8:00 am to get to the venue before 10:00 am. Your alarm rang by 6:00 am, and a little voice said, there is still time why not sleep for an extra 10/15 minutes? Does this sound familiar?

At one point or the other, we all have experienced this, and most times, we end up running late or not doing the thing we wanted to do. Did you know most times, how you start your day determines how your day ends?  

Your comfort zone is where your dreams go to die. Rob Dial.

Brainwashing yourself for success begins from the minute your alarm rings. What is that thing you have planned out to do? What is stopping you from doing it?

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We need to know how our brains work to enable us to brainwash ourselves for success. The first step to achieving that is by exerting self-discipline in the cognitive realm. That is, learning how to go against that little voice in your head. Whenever that little voice in your head tells you what you cannot do or achieve, make sure you push yourself to do it. Learn to do things you do not like to do to prove to your mind that you can destroy them. You must seek discomfort to achieve certain success in life. Did you know; your comfort zone is where your dreams go to die?

Brainwashing yourself means; creating quality time with yourself to analyze what you can do to become successful.


Every man is born great. Also, everyone intends to become successful in life. Did you know, the only thing stopping you from achieving purpose is FEAR, and that is the only thing you should be scared of?Brainwashing is not an easy process. It takes some forms of torture-like actions on a person, such as; interrupting sleep, playing disruptive sounds, and constantly playing tapes of indoctrination.

A family friend of mine usually listens to loud music while studying mathematics, according to him, that is the only way he can assimilate what he is studying. It may sound absurd, but the truth is; he has programmed or brainwashed himself into believing that is the way it is, and it is working for him. Some people get brainwashed into believing certain doctrines, and no matter what you do or say, it changes nothing.

How do I brainwash myself into believing something I know is not true?

Usually, we brainwash ourselves when we look for the answers we like for any question popping up in our minds. We have programmed our minds into believing this is how it is. Most times, we are not convinced by the answers we get when we are being brainwashed by someone who has the answer and capability to convince us, either by scientific reasoning or by authority, if there’s any.
We all have the inbuilt human trait for confirmation of bias, which allows us to ignore or misinterpret data that does not support what we want to believe while accepting or misinterpreting data, in support of what we choose to believe.

However, when you know something is not true, you already believe it, and you will need to compartmentalize (another human skill for separating) the existing belief to allow room for the contrary one. If you do not, you will encounter cognitive dissonance. All this is easier if you already hold a raft of other beliefs that agree with any new belief you are evaluating for acceptance

Any new belief that you know is true but disagrees with your current body of belief, will require you to either reevaluate the new belief or your current belief. That way, you think that you are living your own lives, but the fact remains that; you are continuously being brainwashed either by yourself or by someone who has the power to influence you. That way, you no longer see the world as it is rather, you now see the world through your filters and beliefs.

To be continued…………………….


Written by: Juliana Jonathan

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