Is it possible to brainwash yourself for success? (Pt 2)

How do narcissists brainwash you?

When you are in a relationship with a narcissist, there are techniques they use to get you to think about them all the time. These techniques are mainly based on manipulation tactics and are not consciously used, and they are base on trial and error. The first thing a narcissist does is get you to do what they want, starting from young childhood. Just as young children try to manipulate others to do what they want, by being sweet and promising to be good, or throwing temper tantrums, or whatever works for them.

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These are some basic tactics narcissists use, plus additional techniques they learn as they grow older. If you spent your entire life only focused on getting your way, you would have gotten good at it too. When you are with a narcissist, you suddenly discover you spent your entire life fretting about how to make them happy, what awful thing they will do next, will anything ever get resolved? And so forth.

A lot of the brainwashing naturally occurs as the result of inequality between the parties involved in the relationship. When you have empathy, and your significant other does not, you will discover you will be conditioned and brainwashed into doing everything possible to make your significant other happy. And as we all know, empathy is an extremely powerful force beneficial for society.

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How do I brainwash myself for success?

Below are few tips on how to brainwash yourself for success

  • What are your aims, why you want them? If you can honestly answer this question, only then will you be able to write some genuine reasons why you want them. You would have achieved half the target once you have a good reason why you want them. The next step is, working towards achieving them. 
  • Set your goal: You already have an aim, your goal now will be working towards making that aim a reality. Give it your best shot. Dedicate your time and resources required for achieving the goals. You will be glad you did.
  • Make yourself your competition. As a student, last semester, you did great and got a B. Deep down you know you can do better, and that means; putting more time and effort into your studies. Try studying for more hours than the previous day. If you are into production, set a time and target and work towards achieving it.
  • Avoid negative-minded people. This set of people have a way of killing you mentally as well as make you suspicious of your capabilities.
  • Choose a mentor, study their success and failure story. Practice what they did to attain success, and try as much as possible to avoid the mistakes they made.
  • There is no shortcut to success, and prolong work is required.


I want you to think peacefully, the best and happiest moments of your today and live these moments. Treat each moment of life as a gift coming to you and hope for the next moment with a smile. Do what you are best at. Always remember, there is nothing as sweet as the satisfaction of real success.

Written by: Juliana Jonathan

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