Strange, isn’t it? Sometimes we are faced with dilemmas in our relationships, and we start questioning their status. Most people know they are in a relationship but do not understand if the relationship is more of love, a companion, or probably a friend with a benefit kind of relationship.

A relationship can apply to different kinds of connections, be it business, professional, or personal. You will agree that every relationship has its good and bad times, agreements, and disagreements. No one expects everything to be great at every minute of the day. The majority of today’s relationships are more of companionship, and the people involved do not realize that in all reality, they are just wasting time together. The truth is; they are only in that relationship because they do not like being alone either.

 Meaning of Companionship and Love.  

Companionship is the act of being there for someone. It is a feeling of fellowship or friendship. Usually, it means somebody to hang out with and do things like going to the movies or having lunch together, while love is a strong feeling of affection and trust in each other that you will help when in need. It is not about sexual attraction or romance. It is about trusting each other, knowing you, and that you will be there for each other.

Everyone in a love relationship wants passion and romance. However, there are some things about romance that people do not understand. The most common difficulty in creating romance is that people do not know how to accomplish it. Sometimes, they are stuck in societal classifications, and their partners cannot appreciate them for their unique qualities. As a result, people often give up on finding romance.

The best relationship is filled with lots of love, trust, and then commitment if the both of you are ready. Love relationship aimed at building a life together, children, grandchildren, someone to go back home to, someone to share thoughts, ideas, as-well-as make life-changing decisions together. It is one with a real foundation, a real connection based on love and trust.

A good companion is like that of a good roommate. Not bad by any stretch, certainly not exciting but stable and consistent. You come home, and it is a good strong relationship. No fighting, a solid understanding of one another, and at its core, easy. But with love, you get intimacy and vulnerability; you get to learn more about yourself in your worst moments. Love brings growth and fear of loss and also gets you through the darkest of dark moments. Love shows you the beauty of being human. 

In love relationships, companionship will come eventually. It all depends on how much you love and trust each other. Ever wondered why most relationships with issues that can be resolved through concentrated effort, or even therapy are ignored? I discovered that with time, such a relationship becomes boring. A relationship is something that takes a lot of effort from both sides. They have to pour themselves into each other. But companionship is where they both trust each other but are not close.

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Like every other relationship, there are always ups and downs. Therefore, when considering relationship problems, it is critical to think about what is causing the conflict or uneasiness before taking any action. In most relationships, the excitement of first love tends to fade with time; this does not mean that the partners love each other less. It just means that they need some stimulation to maintain the feelings they once had for each other. Once a relationship appears ordinary, people then see it as a lack of love, which is not so.

When your relationship lacks romance, and you ignore it without doing anything to revive it, with time, everything else starts fading, connection, trust, love, etc. How you express your love for another is necessary if you want to keep your love exciting and new. When your relationship lacks romance, love becomes tiresome and boring. You struggle to do things that can make your relationship grow stronger. Did you know, expressing love through romance works better without ulterior motives? You initiate it to show your love and appreciation for your partner.

There is no doubt that love is an easy and peaceful feeling, but you will agree with me that romance is the element that makes a relationship hot. Unfortunately, creating romance in today’s society seems hard, especially now that technology has taken over the world. However, if we can take some old-fashioned romance ideas and input them into our modern world, it would be perfect. Romance in the 21st century can be alive with innovative ideas, passion, and creativity. 

I want you to picture romance as an artistic creation rather than as a science. Individuals who feel they must compete in everything they do must learn to eliminate that attitude. Love and romance should not be a contest where one partner or another strives to win. Romance requires cooperation, but you can be romantic while retaining your individuality. Love and romance can transform you and your partner into perfect companions.

If you have something real and do not feel jittery upon seeing your significant other, you do not panic when you want to speak about issues of concern, or you are unable to say something romantic to them and keep a cocky smile on your face. Then hold on to it and cherish it.

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