Learning From Past Failures is Path to True Success.

The very essence of life should be learning from mistakes and moving on. Failure is the necessity to become better. Failure is the necessity to teach us lifelong lessons. I always relate failures to our childhood, where we failed a lot often. I as an individual have failed a lot of time so much that I have kept in my description…lol. Mistakes are actually necessary for success

As humans, we all need validation and results hold a strong influence over us. When we can’t see progress or don’t like the score we see in front of us, we struggle to see beyond this and then disappointment  creeps in our minds.


No matter how far we move, there is still the limit we can reach by moving on. Moving on away from the problem will not solve or localize it, it will only leave it like it is, and only change our field of attention. Do you know, most times people who have depressions and anxiety disorders or life complexities, are those who move on too much?  They see it as the easier way to avoid the  source than find out what exactly makes them feel that way and why.

Do you know some mistakes follow a certain pattern related to personality?
This simply means that it is likely you will make the same mistakes over and over or maybe a slight different version of what can be recognized as the same mistake. The only means of avoiding that re-occurrence is through awareness, by that you can work on not making the same mistake again.

As a matter of fact, failure is an everyday part of life. The premise balance in life is based on the fact that for good to exist, bad must also exist; for success to exist, there must also be failure.

Failure is inevitable, but your response to failure is not. You have a choice. You choose how you will respond to it. You choose to grow from it. You choose to see the good (the unrealized potential success), and you look forward to overcoming every setback.

What I am saying may sound theoretical but trust me it is easy to implement.

Have you ever imagined what those successful people went through to be who you use as a role model today? The likes of Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling has faced heart wrecking failures but they never allowed it defined them or their future.

The first step to overcoming failure is, to forgive yourself.

Forgiving yourself means trying to understand the feelings of other person you were wrong with, or otherwise the impact on the situation you did. In order to forgive yourself, having the knowledge of the situation is pretty enough. Better still, ask yourself, what do you have to gain  by doing a thing being deemed wrong?

The simple fact that you realized you were wrong is a big step. Understanding something can be an important step in forgiving yourself for it. Having the knowledge that no matter how bad you must have behaved in the past, you are forgiven and can focus on dedicating your life to helping others.

Analyze the mistake, find the learning, forgive yourself or others, ensure you do not repeat it and move on. It is a matter of few minutes since it all about your decision and implementation. Nobody else would do it for you.


Bear in mind that; forgiving and forgetting is the mantra but any mistake once repeated is a decision.

Do you know, when you find it difficult forgiving yourself for your past mistakes, here is what go on within you;

The Judge within you says:I am a failure!

The victim within you says:It’s not my fault!

And you in the middle,disappointed, asking yourself who’s right?

To break this cycle, change your focus slightly.

Ask Yourself;

Did i make a mistake?  Yes.

Did i learn from it? Probably.

What did i learn? 

How can i apply that lesson to life? 

How to learn from failures and mistakes?

It takes strong will to move on from failure/mistakes, one thing you must realize is this; the key to failure is the key to overcoming any hurdle you come across in life.

For instance;

When a child takes his/her first step, it’s always never easy, most times they sustain injuries in the process but that does not mean they will quit.

You are walking, thanks to failures. You are talking, thanks to failures. You are writing, thanks to failures. Failures are the reason for who we are. For every success, there are many failures that make the roots of success strong. Failures/mistakes give our life a shape. The same way we learned when we failed while trying to walk, talk, cycling, reading, etc. is the same way you should pick yourself up and move on.

What exactly are those mistakes you have made? I totally understand that you might have experience setback and found your life meaningless, and thought that it’s better to leave it all alone and move on because you feel too miserable to keep trying to solve it alone

Why not Keep trying, do not sit down. Do not go into depression. Do not be ashamed of failures/mistakes. You made a mistake so what? Be proud of your mistakes, be proud telling them. Try again harder. Try until you are successful. There is no other way around it. No one will tell you that after doing this or that, you’ll be successful. “Nothing except trying guarantees success”. Try learning the experiences of the Great leaders who have failed before their achievements. This could give you a view to walk on.

Here are few things you should know.

  • Realize that there is always opportunity to make a better success in the future, that can become far more crucial in your life than your old and past terrible mistake.
  • You do not have to forgive yourself right now, and it will serve as a good warning. Keep the experience, treasure it. Passing through it will make you wiser and more wary. But do not let it keep you from moving on.
  • You are responsible for your own success and failures, remember quitters never win and winners never quit.
  • Treat them as experiences of life and do not look back until you are old and retired and have nothing to do.

Embrace your failure/mistakes. Only then you can overcome the disappointment associated with it. Do not think anyone can give you an answer on how to forgive yourself, no! You have to learn to do that yourself. “This too shall pass”. This line truly gives a lot of courage.

ALWAYS REMEMBER ‘Falling down is AN ACCIDENT, Staying down is A CHOICE!!’




I’m Julia Jonathan, I write on relationships, communication and lifestyle advice. I believe there’s always room to improve no matter how incredible you think you are. If you think so too, follow me to see more inspirational stories and articles

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