Pastor steals musical instrument from another church to establish his.

Wonders they say never end and as long as we are still living, we will continue to be surprised by the act of men. Do we call this, calling yourself as a minister since God refused to call you?

It was reported that a self acclaimed Pastor Matthew Osika has been arrested by the Berekum Police in the Bono Region after stealing musical instruments of the Methodist church in other to establish his own church.

according to, the instruments belonged to Amankokwaa Methodist Church in the Berekum West District but some criminals broke into the church and made away with the instruments.

upon investigation, it turned out that the musical instruments were packed in the home of the suspect who claimed he also bought them from someone he refused to name to start his own church.

Matthew Osika claimed he bought the instruments from individuals to start a church but did not bother to ascertain the true ownership of the items before paying for them.

Mathew Osika is set to be arraigned before court on charges of conspiracy, stealing and unlawful entry while police are still conducting further investigations to ensure that there are no accomplices in the matter.

written by: Juliana Jonathan

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