Do rebound relationships ever work?

Some of us are not that good at picking our partners to begin with, so even when we have taken our time about it, it does not necessarily improve our odds.

A lot of people after a breakup just want to be in a relationship to kill loneliness and not because they love the person concerned. The chances of a possible relationship with the person is 20%, this is what i called a rebound. But this may be difficult to guess because at that moment your brain starts playing tricks on you, you may feel like this is the one, i have been searching this person for such a long time and all time he/she was just in front of me.

Dear reader, do not make a mistake of falling into it, you are in most vulnerable state of mind and you are simply trying to fill the void created by the ex with anybody available. Most people cannot figure out who or what they want! That does not sound like much fun to me and it definitely does not have the required foundation of trust required for a healthy long-term relationship.  You left a previous relationship that caused you emotional pain and that made you desperate, you jumped into a new relationship without taking a look at where you were heading.

To be sincere with you, chances of a rebound relationship working out is slim, that means; they rarely work and only result in you being terribly hurt and wasting valuable time with a person who is not available for you. Life is too short to spend time pandering to someone whose heart still rests with a previous partner.

A great relationship has to do with, mindset, experience, understanding added with a lot of other factors like maturity, overcoming insecurities, fear, communication challenges; these are what you look out for before jumping into another relationship. There are host of others that are internal but are influenced externally too.

Signs you are in a rebound relationship?

Rebound relationship like I said earlier, is a relationship you get into in order to move on from a broken relationship.  You enter this relation with the idea to move on quickly and lessen the pain. You are seeking comfort in a new relationship to get over the hurt you feel. 

We all know that rebound relationship is something you have for one major reason: To forget your ex. So, here are signs you are in a rebound relationship:

  • They constantly talk about their ex.
  • He/she is not the type you’d normally date.
  • They still have eyes for other people and are not that committed to you.
  • They use you to try and make their ex jealous.
  • Their moods change constantly when they are around her.
  • They enjoy the sex, but refuse cuddling afterwards.
  • They tell others they love you but deep down they know they do not mean it.
  • They still look at old photos of their ex to reminisce.
  • They try to move things too quickly (talk about marriage).
  • Their friends think they’ve jumped into the new relationship too fast.
  • They look for ways to “accidentally” bump into their ex.
  • They get jealous when they hear about their ex with another guy.
  • They know would take back their ex immediately if he/she said “Yes.

Below is some heart searching questions.

  • Are you in a rebound relationship?
  • When did you realize it was a rebound?
  • Did you make it back to your ex?

Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Written By : Juliana Jonathan




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