#Social Media Bill: Aisha Buhari Disagrees with Sultan of Sokoto.

The first lady of the federal republic of Nigeria, Aisha Bihari has called for social media regulation..

This was disclosed at the Nigeria supreme council for Islamic affair (NSCIA).

She stated that the challenges facing the nation is one which can not be handled by her husband alone and she called on political leaders to work together in order to help the country out of this challenges.

She stated that if China can control 1.3billion people on social media, she see no reason why Nigeria can not adopt same measure to control 180million people on social media, daily trust reports.

According to her, you can not just sit in the comfort of your home and tweet that the vice president has resigned. She also said; as a result of hate speech, majority of Nigerians can not comfortably travel to their respective states and live peacefully.

The sultan of sokoto, Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar III, while addressing the challenges of the girl child education and the almajiri phenomenon also disagree with the social media regulation stating that there are so many laws that can deal with this issues.

“Some people even proposed having a hate speech law. We must accept the outcome of whatever the people decided. After all, people voted for our political leaders. Let us listen to the voices of the people. It is important for us to do the wish of Nigerians,” the Sultan said.

Written by: Jonathan Juliana

This news was first published by daily trust.



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