Surviving Valentines Day As A Single Person

Once upon a time, years back, when someone asked me what I thought about valentine, I would probably tell you it was no big deal.

Valentine is here and as usual, its raising dust everywhere, cupid arrows are seen flying everywhere, someone would say they cannot see it, of cause you won’t unless you have a pure heart like mine……”lol”. Just kidding.

While lovers look forward to celebrating valentine day with their partners, gifts stores are filled with flowers, romance novels, heart shape trinket etc. On the other hand  we have people who are sad because as the day approach, they are reminded of how single they are. Some would even accept a date deep down in their heart they do not want. I know we all have this belief that valentine’s day is best spent with your love one but on the other hand, what if on that day you are all alone?

There are millions of people who have never had a valentine date for once but they do not allow it get to them, they do not allow it weigh them down, rather they always look at the brighter side of it. which is having blaast celebration with your friends and family.

There are other ways to celebrate Valentine’s day whilst having fun, and not feeling sorry for yourself. Remember, there are a thousand and one people who are single as well. Instead of sitting idle and feeling pity, Celebrate your single status.

Do you know being single rocks ( ask those who are in a troubled relationship or marriage). Why wait for someone to make you feel special when you can do that for yourself? Go out, spend your money with wild abandon, enjoy the freedom without being answerable to anyone or rather, spend the day with family and friends.

One may say, my friends have their valentine dates no doubt about it but you have parents, they can be your valentine date, you have siblings, nieces and nephews, get some cookies, play games, crack jokes and watch movies together.

Never feel sorry for yourself, I have come to understand one thing in life, that you cannot hate yourself and expect people to love you.

Yes I know you are single but its not a disease, its just a phase of life that would one day pass by. Do not sit idle, pay visit to an orphanage if you have the resources, we have a million and one kids there looking for who will show them love. With a little random act of kindness, you will have a whole lot of fun.

People tend to do crazy things during Valentine, yes! Go wild, party hard but one thing you should never do on Valentine’s day is to “DRUNK DIAL” your ex number. If the urge to text, chat or call him/her up on the big day. I will advise you kindly reboot your brain and if possible, turn off your mobile phone. Its OK to be weak but say no to reconnecting former flame.

Do not be ashamed of your single status, never allow anyone make you feel inferior because you are single, like I said earlier, its not a disease rather its a temporary state.

Do not think of going on a blind date, even if you’ve just met the person before Valentine’s day, please, do not set your first date on Valentine’s day. Need I remind you the pressure will be much on that day and you can make mistakes that would cause you a lot?

imagine this scenario;  you are on a first/blind date, surrounded by couples kissing and cuddling, you would also want to do same. Why not fix your date for another week, by that you’ll have so much fun as well as well as the feeling of starting with someone new.


Finally, valentine day is not just about romance. You should appreciate the ones you love, give yourself some treat,surround yourself with positive vibes, hang out, dance, just do anything that would make you feel less alone with a great perspective, a healthy dose of hindsight and  with friends, your Valentine’s day will be just  fun for you as a single as it is for the happily hooked. Do not get frustrated because you are alone, rather plan on making this commercialized holiday fun filled.

I hope these hints  have been helpful one way or the other.

WRITTEN BY: Juliana Jonathan

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