Are you turning 30 and scared? What is the best thing about turning 30?

It all seems like yesterday when you turn 20 this time, it is 30, and the feeling may seem quite the same but 30 comes with responsibilities.

People now look up to you with high expectations, and that alone is scary on its own because you do not want to hurt their feelings, and you do not want to be seen or considered a failure.

Whenever I look at people who are 40 and are happy, I tell myself; I want to feel the same way when I turn forty. I know everyone’s journey in life is different.

We all have lessons learned (Life lessons are not the same for all); some would be expecting their first baby, while some would-be mourning over the loss of their immediate ones. Someone will be sealing a 6 or 7 figure contract, and some will still be trying to find their break. Some settle in their career, and some will be making an extra effort for that promotion. We are all in this journey called life, alone.

Turning 30 feels good. You are still youthful, and God has given you a beautiful day to breathe. People look at you with more respect. You are a real grown-up. There is freedom and responsibilities you will only experience in your thirties. You are still young but not too young and not too old. There is this insight and the freedom to be yourself, which people seem to lack in their teens and 20s, no wonder people love to celebrate their 30th birthday in a grand form.

One good thing about turning thirty is that you are now full bloom, and for most people, it is the right time to take physical exercise, walking & dieting a part of their life. This time your physical, mental, psychological, financial, and social activities are at their peak. That is, you should be most active in your 30’s. Although you may not have reached your full potential, your energy, persistent level, focus, and determinations, are on their highest level.

Recall when you were still a teenager, you seemed lost. You struggled for identity and then transitioned from a young adult to a mature adult. At thirty, you probably have learned and probably mastered the mating game and must have found your life partner.

How does it feel to be 30?

A lot of things come with being 30 years old. I find it difficult to understand why most people decide to stick to their comfort zone, given how short life is. Your 20s are your selfish years, and they provide the groundwork for the foundation for the rest of your life. At 30 years, you are no longer young and will also never be young forever.

Your body cells stop regenerating and start to degenerate. Being in your 30s is a great time because you have to focus on being a better version of yourself. There will be responsibilities and heartache. But they are worth it as it is a price you will pay for living a good life. I am not trying to scare you, but since you will be turning 30 soon, here are a few things to remember.

You will have responsibilities: Kids, mortgages, taxes, and retirement will all take a toll. That is why it is advisable to learn the power of investment as-well-as compound interest early or face a future of uncertainty.

It is probably time to be closer with your siblings and parents: If you already have a good relationship with them, that is good. If not, try building that relationship because your family will be your strength.

Time to settle down: Sleeping around is fun when you are young, but it is time to pick a life path, and that path will likely be a pretty lonely one if you walk it alone. Some of the saddest people I have seen are middle-aged men and women trying to be bar stars. Most of them cannot find what they want, so they have to settle for what is available at that moment. 

Hold on to your true friends: As you age, maintaining relationships becomes harder while dealing with the harsh realities of life. Do not give room to any more toxic friends and negative people.

Time to give back to the community:  Join a cause, do some volunteering. Become a person your younger self could look back and be proud of. 

Your body will not bounce back as quickly as it did while in your 20s. A lot comes with aging. Although, you will be able to keep up with those younger than yourself. You will feel the effect the next day.

You have to be mindful of what you eat: Avoid junk food. Eat healthy food, eat more fruits and vegetables. All these are very important to you as human beings even now that you are aging. 

I know I am making it sound like; you will experience a life filled with hectic, crazy, short-term, with lots of irresponsible fun. The age of 30 is liberating. Parents do not have much say in your private matters because you are too old for it. By 30, I believe you should have developed a fair idea of who you are and what you want in life. At least, more ideas than when you were 19. 

 Be more comfortable with your appearances and flaws. You are proud and confident of your strengths. 30 years olds are more self-confident, and this confidence makes them much more attractive.

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What are some things that you should do before turning 30?

Turning 30 sounds fun when you make plans, and that is why I have listed a few things you should add to your to-do list. 

  • Learn a new skill and invest in yourself. Since you have money, energy, and time for that, why not learn and master one skill that will pay you well. The earlier you make your decision, the better. 
  • Practice self-love as your full-time job: Yes, make yourself your priority, and every other person comes second.
  • Build Your Perfect Body: Work out and find out what suits best for your body, and follow that regime for the rest of your life.
  • Work hard, earn money, save money, invest money and spend money: Learning to invest and have decent savings will make your life easier in the future.
  • Try living alone: This will help you a lot. I am not saying it is a bad idea to still live with your parent at that age, but at 30 years, you should be more independent and live alone and not under the same roof as your parent.
  • Travel solo: The youthful zeal will create memories for lifetimes and experiences as lessons.
  • Exploring new things: Learn a foreign language, learn new cultures and lifestyles. Develop a hobby that makes you deeply happy.
  • Stop holding grudges: Let go of grudges. You do not need any negativity around you. Learn to forgive people. When you forgive, you are helping yourself.
  • Read books: Readers are leaders. Read more books. They are going to help you shape as a person.

People often say age is just a number. I agree with you, but one thing you must understand is; the way you look has so much influence on how people often see you even though they say; never judge a book by its cover. The reality is that in your 20s’ you get away with quite a lot. 

Here is an instance; when you are in your 20s’, the responsibilities are not that great, and anything you achieve is of greater importance if you can achieve it while you are still young. 

If you want to look and act young, be positive and energetic. Practice a lifestyle where you procrastinate less, give fewer excuses, and say yes more often. But if you want people to see you as old, be negative and do not take care of yourself.

Remember, if you fail to plan in your twenties, life will not wait for you. It will surprise you when you wake up at 30 and realize you are still the same person. Above all, turning 30 should not be scary. Someone once said: Longevity is more of old age than of youth. So definitely make the best of the next few years. It passes way sooner than you would like. Enjoy the ride.  

Written by: Juliana Jonathan

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