God is just amazing, the way he created the brain and other parts of human body, arranging them perfectly and ensuring they function well is one thing that never ceases to amaze me. Our brain is powerful enough to bring anything to this world, that we are capable of imagining. Be it good or bad. Our mind is so powerful that most times we imagine something and the next minutes or seconds it starts to manifest; believe me? Here is an instance;

years back, I was on a motor bike and there was a truck coming ahead of us, in my subconscious mind, something told me I will be knocked down by the truck and I just pushed the thought off my mind, but it keeps coming, eventually, I was involved in an accident few seconds after that subconscious battle in my mind.

The human mind is a pretty powerful mega-computation device. Our mind is as powerful as we let it to be! I could state with 100% certainty that the power of the mind is genuine. What we must realize though is this; the mind is just like a tool that must be sharpened to carry out efficiently. That is how powerful your mind is! So begin to utilize the component of your brain you do not typically make use of, to obtain what you want.

I believe consciousness has existed for lifetimes in the past, and will continue to inhabit physical parameters in the future. (Not that I’m happy about that) I believe the terms of our future paths depend on actions we take, decisions we make, and other manifestations of our doings. These activities become recognizable as expressions of our personality, our being. Themes emerge.

Now, since the mind has been shown to have the ability to heal the body, when others “pray” for that healing I think it may give the mind the extra strength it needs to achieve that goal. We are what our brain consumes, so feed it with the best data you can memorize. Some people will tell you that if you truly believe something will happen, it will happen. It’s called the law of attraction. You attract what you believe. Our mind is as powerful as we visualize it to be, never underestimate it.

We are the creation of our minds believe it or not. The mind is just the name of the “tangible” part that we “consciously and subconsciously”, REALIZE its existence but we cannot feel it using the 5 senses. Our minds download data into the essence of the ever existing consciousness, which causes the never ending process of evolution of that cause and source of all that was, is and will be to EVOLVE further.

Our minds are both amazing and risky, we might have done a lot of things that seem impossible yet when the mind and the heart sets a feeling as if it happened already, like we’ve accomplish the impossible! Isn’t that amazing?

Here is another example;

majority of us always program our alarm on a particular time (let’s say 5:00am) and subsequently, and we are awaken by the sound of the alarm. You discover most times that once it’s gets to 5:00am, or even before that particular time, we are already awake. That’s our mind at work, you put an alarm for something important in the morning say 6:00am but you woke up before your alarm rings. (Your subconscious mind knows the importance of waking up) it’s always conscious of time. Our subconscious mind is always awake and it never says NO to whatever information it is receiving. It works on that information, executes ideas and turns them into reality.

Learn to say positive things to yourself, never say things like ‘I hate my life’, ‘I want to die’, ‘My life sucks’ etc. under any circumstance. Your subconscious mind is taking in all these.  These are the kinds of thoughts that actually devastate our life.

Written By: Juliana Jonathan

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