Still on PLANNING.

It is the role of the woman to spearhead the planning with detailed information. Majority of the male folk will tell you to make a draft of all the requirement. As a woman, write down everything so you won’t miss anything out. When planning, make two column, one for you and the other for your husband to be. When you put getting your hair done in your column, you put hair cut in his column. Example;

Getting my hair doBarbing his hair.

By so doing nothing will be left out.

  • Delegate Some assignment to your most friends that will not disappoint you: (Remember nobody knows it all). You need a helping  hand. Ask question, seek help of those who have gone through that phase and get their experience, this will help you avoid making same mistakes that people always talk about.

The society we live in have levied so much expectations on couples these days that there is need to reach out for help without shame. You cannot handle it all, talk to your family, ask them for areas they can assist. They can help you in running some errand to achieve certain result.

When making plans for  your wedding, you need to be calm. I discovered that most challenges that arises during preparation come up argument between couples. Handling discussion in a mature and civil way saves lot of stress. As a lady, it is advisable to channel your point when the atmosphere is calm and lovely. I have read about people walking out at the dying minutes because of unresolved minor issues coming up during wedding planning.

Since this topic is centered on the woman’s responsibilities in budget and planning, it is advisable to not that anger has ruined  a lot of relationship we (the ladies) are always at the receiving end.


The man is the one bring to spend, even when you are assisting one way or other, you will agree with me that, its not easy spending money; the man may be trigger to anger unnecessarily. It is good to be calm in such situation.


When everyone is talking at the same time, nobody is talking.

This is not the best time  to show your annoyance or intelligence. Do you know as a woman, there is this feminine power go bestowed upon us that has a way of calming a situation if we really want to? use your power well.

Below are some key points to hold on to.

  • You have a role to play in planning your wedding.
  • You need to work and in hand with your husband to be while making plans.
  • There is need to support him with everything you own including your intelligence, emotional.
  • support, financial and physical support.
  • Be wise in your choice of exorbitant items.
  • Not every argument are worth indulging in and also you should not also give the silent attitude.
  • Reach out to family for support if there is need for it.
  • Delegate some duties to trusted friends and family members.
  • Take charge of your feminine strength.

Work in agreement: (it is written, can two work together except there be an agreement?)


One of the ways to work in agreement is through prayers. Marriage comes with aa lot of challenges that is why you cannot over emphasize the importance of  prayer in planning your wedding. Take God along in every step. A prayer of agreement has thwarted so many unseen evil plans of the enemy, pray to get helpers, pray for good weather, pray against disappointment, pray for all round success. Pray all through the process and you will be glad you did.

Handling misunderstanding that arises as you plan your wedding;

When you are face with difficulties and other embarrassing situations, do not discuss it with your friends (unless the ride and die kind of friends) in other to avoid gossip., if you must discuss it, let it be with a neutral competent person.

Managing in-laws interference;

This reminds me of a wedding I attended some years ago, a woman said,

“Do you know what my son went through when he married his wife who is an Igbo lady? So anything we ask him to buy, he must buy, anything we request from him, he must do”

You can clearly see from this that the woman is still pissed at her in-laws and she is making other people of the same tribe, coming to marry from her family pay for their sins.

Managing an in-law is among the first sets of huddle you will have to jump over. It is the first challenge you will encounter. It is advisable you be very careful here. You are being watched by people on how you make a choice of preference between your new family (husband’s family) and your immediate family. People are waiting to hold you responsible for every action or talk that would not have been relevant but because it is coming from you, they are ready to crucify you.

Here are some lists of preparatory issue to tackle;

  • After picking a date, make a list to notify all necessary people so you don’t leave out some people.
  • Let your wedding be simple but classy.
  • Plan your budget: while making budget, make sure you accommodate a place to stay after the wedding. Some people do not go home, they go straight for their honeymoon. While others would make plan to spend the night  in an hotel since they have guest in their home. Whatever the case may be, make plans for a night or two.
  • Spend wisely: Be wise in your spending, because after your wedding, you will be left to manage what is left with your husband.
  • Do not forget to buy you wedding ring.
  • Choose a good and affordable baker for your cake.
  • Fix appointment on time with your makeup artist. You can as well have a pre-wedding sample to see his/her work on you before your wedding in other to avoid looking different because of the wrong choice of foundation.
  • Do not leave your photography and video coverage behind, carry them along and make sure they are reliable.
  • Tack all bills unsettled: You must understand that men often forget a lot so, it is your duty to be present whenever he is settling a bill.
  • Do not borrow to foot a wedding, hopping that you will get money on your wedding day. Need I remind you that people are coming to merry with you and not to give you money? do not bank on unseen money to avoid running into debts.

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Written by : Juliana Jonathan



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