Have you ever met a couple who have nothing in common and you wonder what the hell are these two doing together?  Whenever this question is asked, most times our minds go to the sexual aspect of it. You see two strangers living together with a different idea of what they want.

  • His idea of a home is everything at the right place.
  • Her idea is to litter around as much as possible.
  • She loves to read, he prefers to go to movies.
  • He loves to party, she prefers a cozy dinner for two.
  • She loves what they call junk food and he wants organic.

And the list goes on.

Both the partners are so different in everything, that one wonders how they ever came together. What can one say about such relationships?

A lot people are involved in relationships where one of the partner is a genius and the other could barely pass through the exams. How do such relationships develop and how do they survive? Such relationships developed because both loved each other because of the differences. The differences attracted them. They found each other so different to each other that it was something exciting for them. They loved each other for these differences and so they came to enjoy life as if it was some exciting trip to unknown destinations.

The question now is;

Is there future in such relationships?

The truth is, it is difficult to say. If the love and care that brought them together still remains, they will tolerate everything else. Doesn’t a mother do everything for her toddler? That is because of love and care. So if the love remains, everything can be taken care of. If they are still very much caring for each other and get no thought of a break-up, nothing can break them. But if the love dwindles, the complaints will rise. The complaints will kill the little love and the relationship is doomed.

When one is asked if he/she is satisfied with their mate, the answer you get will tell you the level of love between them because even if their habits are very much similar and the love is lost, they will still find imaginary complaints. Satisfaction with ones mate depends on these factors LOVE and CARE. If both care for each other and love each other, they will be satisfied despite thousand differences or similarities. Otherwise they will be dissatisfied under every circumstance.

Compromising, forgiving, caring and forgetting and many more qualities make us feel satisfied with our partner. No one can completely be satisfied with their spouse. Each of you is different in his/her own way and that’s how life will be beautiful.

A life partner is someone who protects you and loves you for who you are rather than how they want you to be. A real man can never stand seeing his girl hurt the same applies to ladies. If these two aspects are true, then you’ve got the best husband/wife who loves and cares for you more than your parents do. He/she is your home, shelter, shield and success factor.

Finally, Satisfaction is the contentedness inside you and it should come from inside. Satisfaction triggers happiness. A disappointed, discontented and a dis-satisfied person cannot be happy. Now the question again is, ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH YOUR PARTNER?




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