10 Important Things Men Want From Women

Ever heard of this; a man does not need SEX, he can get it from outside, even from someone who is a professional in that aspect. A man does not need food, he can get good food from a good restaurant, with the likes of CHIOMA as chef……. lol

Now the question;

what do men want from women?

Whenever this topic pops up, most people would be quick to say (without missing word) “SEX”. They feel what men want is just sex. No doubt men want sex but have you wondered why you’ve been having sex with him for years and he is yet to take it further? Yes, men want and also do not want sex.

Men are hunters and every reasonable hunter knows when to call it quit for the day most especially when they’ve had a big catch. Yes, you’ve been the perfect girl for him but honey, the truth is you’ve fail in some aspect and here, we are going to discuss those little things we (ladies) see as nothing which are the necessary things men want in a woman.

  •  No man wants a woman to come into his life and detect how he lives his life: Men don’t like women who want to take control, no matter the age difference, you have to accept he is the head. And you are a helper to him. The word “helper means, to assist. Remember he has a life before you happen and for that reason you can’t come and detect how he lives his life. A helper is not one who runs the show but one who follows instruction.
  • Men want women who passionately love themselves:. No man wants a woman unless the woman is has an incredible life without him. That is, a woman who can live without the man. Do not build all your world around him, every man wants a woman who will be able to call the shots in his absence. A woman who knows how to give herself a treat with or without the man.

A friend once said,

You don’t need a man or money to make you happy, and I was like, smmmmmh! you won’t understand. The truth is, it was I, who never really understood. The same applies to relationship; relationship does not make your life any better. It is you, the individual that can determine how lovely your life is.

  • Men want women who understand them. A good woman studies her man and does not irritates him.
  • Men want a women who encourages them, not a dream killer: 60% of men would rather keep late night than return home, this makes people wonder why, the truth is; their home is a war-zone, the women in their life have made life so unbearable that they prefer staying out late with people who will encourage their dreams. A lady is supposed to be her man biggest cheerleader. Most men keep their dreams to themselves because the minute they tell their spouse, that would be the beginning of the end of that dream. Instead of helping him achieve that dream, you succeed in killing the dream, by telling him it’s not possible. Every man needs encouragement, no matter how stupid the idea is, even when the dream seems impossible.

I laugh when I hear people complaining of how a once loving and dotting man, change all of a sudden. The truth is, you are the seed of the fruit you now see. A man would rather spend time with people who will encourage his vision than chastise him for them. He’d rather be where he feels he is safe.

  • Men want a playmate. Despite being too serious, there’s always this playful part that is there. Learn to live in that moment with them.
  • Men want women who find themselves attractive as well as those them (men) finds attractive. Believe it or not, every man has taste regardless of how or what you look like, love yourself, take care of yourself, your health, outfit and be very mindful of your look when you go out. Always remember, you are what you think you are.
  • Avoid putting too much pressure on them because when you do, they feel trapped and the next thing to do is to escape. Ever heard of this, when you hold on too tight, you kill it´ Men love space, they want to freedom to breathe fresh air.
  • No man wants a bossy woman. Nowadays, the society is full of women establishing dominance over the male counterpart. No doubt, every man wants an independent woman but it becomes bad when you start rubbing it on their face, it irritates them. It’s so sad that most women would bring that dominant mentality into their relationship and are still wondering why the relationship is not working. Sweetheart, it won’t work because you choose to be the head in the relationship. Even God created Adam before creating Eve.
  • Men want women who compliment his muscular confidence with her female presence most especially if he is the type that loves to lead. As a woman what you do is, take a step back and watch. Try to always booze his confidence whenever he does something, even if it’s something you can do yourself. cheer him by saying “wow! That was amazing” I bet you next time he would want to do more.
  • Men want a honest and trustworthy woman. Someone once told me, always tell me the truth, even if it hurts, I can handle it, it’s better than you telling me lies”. Men want women they can beat their chest and boost of to their friends outside.


Who you date and marry is a serious and most important decision you will ever make. Have fun, play and enjoy the moments. Life is too short to live a rigid life and boring life.

WRITTEN BY: Juliana Jonathan

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