Playing games is what men do very well, you want to know why?

Men play games because games have rules and they score points. Have you notice how men do well in football, basketball etc., it is not only the fact that they can but because they can score and win. That is why when they start dating, they call it a game because they see relationship as a game.

They work to make money not to impress their friends but because to them money is just a means they use in keeping scores. They so much love winning. They go into business and always want a raise at the end of the day they come back and hand you the money. Have you ever wondered why? The fact is, he does not really want the money, he just want to score a point and ladies love such men.

The only time men have issue with the game is when someone changes the rules of the game and they can no longer figure out how it happened and also can no longer score points. They get frustrated and start losing it because they can not place their hand on what went wrong. Their self-esteem begins to crumble and they start making choices.

You hear them say;

I had the same relationship with miss A and scored points same with B and C, why can’t I score points now?

He is not frustrated because he is not winning but because someone change the rules of the game.

He then runs over to his friend and confide in them, you will the notice he is more loyal to them than you, the truth is, he is trying to figure out how to score and win the game once again. If he senses you are the Game Changer, he will serenade you, write poems to you, and wait breathlessly to hear what you have to say…he will never ever leave you in any doubt as to how attractive he finds you.

Whenever a man can not figure out how to win a game, he becomes bitter and confused. No man is hard to figure out. No man is emotionally unavailable. No man is unready to settle down. When a man tells you he is not looking for anything serious, he means “with you!”

Men can easily partition women into 3 categories:

  1. The ones they will have sex with
  2. The ones will Date or have a casual fling with
  3. The ones he is really interested in a Long term relationships or Marriage

If a man dates you, have sex with you, or even enter into a causal relationship, he is playing games to see how far you can be pushed  that is an indication of your comparative value to him. Stop inventing the idea that men are baddies and out to play games with you.

Below are some reasons why men play games.

  • They love a challenge. They love it when a woman gives them a good challenge. Men depict women negatively on every level therefore; getting a woman to submit to his whims is a substitute for the competition that men enjoy with each other. They would brag about their achievement to whoever cares to listen. That is why competing with grossly inferior opponents to them is boring.

According to Billi Gordon

 Men have between 10 and 100 times more testosterone than women do.  This is why it surprises no one when you see two men in a public park fighting to the death over a plastic spoon.  The higher the testosterone, the more important it becomes to win, gain power and defend territory through demonstrative strength, and the less important quality social relationships become

  • Alpha gene: Most guys have primal personality, they are confident and they do their own thing and have complete confidence in everything they do. They have self-doubts, but never allow it cloud their judgment and logic. They are well liked by almost everyone, and they just have this easy charm and swagger about their presence. They always look for high value girls rather than just any girl. Women are drawn to their charisma and presence. And they enjoy being social and having lots of people around.. These types of guys will play mind games to assert their dominance and chauvinism.
  • Sex: For most men, sex is an activity with a low cost  (sperm) and a high reward  (spreading their offspring). Most men often get women whom they do not really love. These are leftover women from other rich/good looking guys. Now, since they do not get the women they really love hence these men are always on a lookout for other women. Most men want sex all the time for the same reason you would want to eat all the time for such men, there is an amount of sex that satisfies their desire. To them, sex is like eating whenever they get hungry, they eat, they stop feeling hunger, and they move on and do something else.
  • They want to test themselves: ever noticed that when a guy goes after a lady, most times, he is not ready for a relationship, he just want to prove he is capable of attracting women. He cares less about the outcome of what he intends doing or what happens to the girl in question after he pulls it off.


  • Ego-stroking: Ego is the most self-oriented, most personal part of one’s mind. Your ego is your cardinal soul or spiritual substance and regulates your self-esteem  and mental state. Human beings by nature are approval seekers now; that is a fact. When a man plays games, he brags about his achievement? It makes them feel accepted, wanted and be in control and It gives them a sense of power.

written by: Julia Jonathan

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