Will You Still Have Friends When You Turnoff Your Mobile Data?

We live in a world where everything is migrating from analogue to digital; we have computer driven cars, drones, internet friendship/relationship and so on. Remember before now, cars were operated manually, and then came the upgrade to automatic and now computer driven cars. Isn’t that great?

The world is changing fast and so are humans.  We see the Younger ones now approaching puberty faster than the youths of 80’s. Everything is happening fast and we are moving fast with the trend. 

These days, people wake up and the first thing that pops up on their mind is their mobile phone. Hey! I thought someone was sleeping right next to you?  Not even a peck on the chin, some reluctantly say the words “Good morning”. The next thing on your mind is; my phone, who sent me a message? Did Jane respond to my text? What’s new on Facebook? What’s trending on twitter? Who is dissing who? What’s trending on IG?

You picked the pieces of what you left behind on social media the previous day and continue. The question now is; will you still have friends when you turn off your mobile data?

I recently figured out that, majority of people in our society can be home with family and not talk to hem the whole day as long as their phones are charged and they have data.

I had a conversation with a colleague at work; it was weekend and he was complaining on how lonely the weekend will be for him, I was curious so I asked why? He said he would be home all day. I told him, he will be bored, then it strike my mind that his cousin was around. Oh! I get it, Jayden would keep you company, he laughed and said “I doubt that, he is always on his phone, he hardly talk, as long as there is power on the phone and he has mobile data, he is good to go”.

 This happens all the time, even in relationship. Most couple spend majority of their spare time surfing the net. We all have 24 hours in a day, we spend 9 hours at work, we sleep for 8 hours, we are left with 7 hours to spend with our loved ones and also do one or two things. It’s a pity that we spend those hours on our phones.

I saw a meme which really got me thinking. Although it was for fun but in it, is a hidden message. A little baby was imagining if his parent actually downloaded him because they spend most of their time on phone and computer.

Technology is doing more harm than good to verbal communication. Most times you see people on a date and they just cannot put their phones away.  These gadgets are supposed to bring us closer when we are apart but they end up drifting further when we are together.

We see people depressed, people commit suicide every now and then and it makes us wonder why all these? The truth is; most of them see things through their phones on social media that pushed them into depression. Some get bullied and when they become overwhelm with it, with no one to talk, they pick suicide as the easiest way out.

I think it’s something we really need to work on else we might lose friendships and relationship.

Funny enough, I am actually on this table but I am already working on it. Who else is on this table?

Written by: Juliana Jonathan




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